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Horizen Labs and Collaborate to Improve the Modular Blockchain Landscape

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Horizen Labs, has announced a strategic partnership with to push the boundaries of modular blockchains with zero-knowledge technology. 

This partnership announced through a tweet on X (formerly known as Twitter), aims to innovate and introduce new blockchain solutions to improve user experience and and widen the reach of the Web3 ecosystem.

5/ “This partnership represents an exciting step forward for Horizen Labs in the modular blockchain ecosystem. By combining our areas of expertise, we’ll be able to work on innovative new solutions with, for not only their users, but for the broader Web3…

— Horizen Labs (@HorizenLabs) May 2, 2024

What is the aim of the partnership?

Two pioneers in the field of zero-knowledge proof are joining forces through this alliance. As a pioneer in zero-knowledge verifying systems, provides developers with its Presto platform, which enables them to create zk-rollups with just four clicks. The business specialises in staking, RPC providers, private zk-rollups, and other areas.

Horizen's enhanced Rust zk proof verification techniques, which are already operational on the testnet, are designed to lower expenses and boost efficiency for verifiable computation decentralised applications (dApps).

Together, the two companies will leverage their distinctive abilities to jointly develop and evaluate novel approaches that integrate sophisticated proof verification abilities with zk-proofs. Their research attempts to supply highly decentralised, privacy-protecting, and extensible technologies for front-runners in the world of Web3.

Meanwhile, Horizen is currently working on a proof-verification blockchain that is scheduled to go live in 2024. 


The innovative collaboration between Horizen Labs and is an exciting step forward in zero-knowledge innovation. The two projects' combined expertise in zero-knowledge is poised to enable previously unattainable Web3 features that are radically extensible and confidential. 

As a team, they pave the way for a decentralised blockchain future in which privacy and openness coexist, changing the way that information and value move across digital spaces.

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