Privacy coins: Have the good coins gone bad?
Altcoins September 21, 2020

Privacy coins: Have the good coins gone bad?

A short guide about such crypto coins as Monero, Beam, Zcash, ADK. How they elevate anonymity in the blockchain, what in...

--- February 5, 2020

ZEC/USDT Perpetual Contract Now Live on Binance Futures

The futures platform from the Binance exchange is getting ready to launch its own Zcash–Tether perpetual contract with l...

--- December 19, 2019

Zcash On Its Way Up With Bullish Performance While Bitcoin Declines

The coin hasn’t performed great for the better part of 2019 but some steam seems to have been picked up for the token re...

--- December 13, 2019

Vitalik Buterin & Crypto Commentators Can’t Agree on the Success of Zcash 

Vitalik Buterin has come to help the privacy coin, Zcash this week following one big crypto commentator dubbed the proje...

--- December 7, 2019

7 December 2019 - ZRX/ BTC – 30-minute

In this 30-minute chart of 0x/ Bitcoin (ZRX/ BTC), there is a depreciating range from 0.000037 to 0.000034.

--- December 4, 2019

$40k Donated By Zcash To Private Messaging Developer

The company behind privacy-based cryptocurrency Zcash, has just donated $40k to a private Canadian messaging developer....

--- November 24, 2019

24 November 2019 - ZEC/USDC – 5-minute

In this 5-minute chart of Zcash/ USD Coin (ZEC/USDC), there is a depreciating range from 34.61 to 30.42.

--- November 18, 2019

18 November 2019 ZRX/EUR – Daily

In this Daily chart of 0x/ Euro (ZRX/EUR), there is an appreciating range from 0.235426 to 0.2887.

--- October 21, 2019

Malicious Fraudulent Version of ZecWallet Found By Community

Some keen-eyed member of the Zcash community has found an unusual and potentially malicious counterfeit version of the Z...