Atomic Hack Funds Sent to Crypto Mixer Used by Lazarus Group
Breaking News June 06, 2023

Atomic Hack Funds Sent to Crypto Mixer Used by Lazarus Group

According to reports from Elliptic, funds drained from the Atomic Wallet hack have been sent to Sinbad, a crypto mixer u...

PayPal May 10, 2023

PayPal Holds Close to $1B Crypto for its Customers

Fintech giant PayPal revealed it “safeguards” close to $1 billion in cryptocurrency assets for its clients. The bulk of...

Mastercard May 2, 2023

Mastercard Launches Crypto Credential Service

Mastercard announced the launch of a service that will ensure transactions between crypto users’ wallets are verifiable...

Breaking News November 26, 2022

MetaMask to Start Collecting User IP Addresses

According to an updated privacy policy agreement published by ConsenSys, creator of the MetaMask wallet, MetaMask will b...

Technology December 7, 2021

Ambire Launches $WALLET, Crypto Industry’s First Governance Token For DeFi-Native Wallet

The $WALLET token is the crypto industry’s first governance token for a DeFi-native wallet. 

Technology August 27, 2021

MetaMask Evaluating Creation of Native Token

According to the MetaMask team, they are undergoing an internal evaluation for a "compelling use case" to develop and la...

Technology April 28, 2021

MetaMask Reaches 5 Million Monthly Active Users As DeFi and NFTs See Growth

According to a report by ConsenSys, MetaMask’s number of monthly active users has quintupled in the past six months. In...

Business April 9, 2021

Ledger introduces Floating Swap Rates, struggles with class-action lawsuit

The new functionality allows users to choose a “floating” rate for swapping, aside from the fixed rate placed by its par...

Business March 4, 2021

BitGo announces license acquisition for custodial services

The company claims that with its expansion to custodial services for New York clients, their crypto and digital asset ec...