Stories By Oluwatobi Joel

DeFi project November 14, 2020

Why DeFi is essential for Blockchain evolution

DeFi is essential for the development of our economy and the banking system

DeFi Ecosystem November 13, 2020

The challenges for the development of DeFi

Many challenges may hinder the development of DeFi. However, there are many ways those challenges can be solved.

Blockchain November 13, 2020

Why blockchain technology is necessary for cross border payments

Blockchain technology is a better alternative to the US dollar for cross border payments

Blockchain November 4, 2020

Uses of Blockchain in the Food Industry

Blockchain can help to solve numerous problems in the food industry

Blockchain November 4, 2020

Uses of Blockchain in the Gambling industry

Blockchain can be in many ways in the gambling industry. Immutability, transparency, and anonymity are the major featur...

cryptocurrency October 30, 2020

Applications of NFT in Gaming

The applications of NFT are numerous; gaming is one of the biggest industries in which NFT is useful.

Blockchain October 29, 2020

Five blockchain technology use cases

There are many real-life applications of blockchain technology. We will look into the five most important uses of blockc...

Blockchain October 29, 2020

Understanding the concept of Non-fungible tokens

The applications of non-fungible tokens are one of the most popular topics in the cryptocurrency world today. Let's dive...

Gold October 25, 2020

How blockchain can help in the tokenization of real-life assets

Blockchain can help in the liquidity of assets by enabling division digital division of assets.

Blockchain October 25, 2020

How blockchain technology can help to improve supply chains

Blockchain can provide a better way to transport goods from the manufacturer to the supplier