Piggycell, a IoT based RWA project, secures investment from a public mainnet, Internet Computer

Piggycell, a IoT based RWA project, secures investment from a public mainnet, Internet Computer

singapore, singapore, July 4th, 2024, Chainwire

Piggycel, a IoT-based blockchain RWA project, has secured investment from the global mainnet Internet Computer (ICP) and joined the ICP Olympus accelerator program.

Piggycell is a blockchain RWA platform that users can expereince IoT based Charge To Earn (C2E) while charing their bateries. It is a decentralized platform linked to the No. 1 power bank sharing service in Korea, Piggycell, which has over 3 million users.

The ICP Olympus program, announced in April 2024, is an accelerator program for the global 24th ranked (on Coinmarketcap data as of June 23, 2024) L1 mainnet operated by the DFINITY Foundation in Switzerland. It is a program that supports promising projects to grow into high-quality large projects in the ICP ecosystem by participating as investors and mentors, including Fenbushi Capital, Softbank Vision Fund, and Cypher Capital.

Jake Park, CEO of ICP HUB Korea, said, "Through this investment in Piggycell and approval for participation in ICP Olympus, we will fully support the Piggycell project to grow into a global top project and showcase the technology and stability of ICP through Piggycell."

The Piggycell C2E platform is planning its closed beta test (CBT) and officially launch this year.

About Piggycell

The Piggycell project is a pioneering initiative aimed at driving real-world applications and mass adoption of blockchain technology. By creating a digital twin of the assets from the already successful Web2 project Piggycell in a virtual world through blockchain, it seeks to imbue existing assets with new functionalities and philosophies, thereby generating higher value and achieving true blockchain innovation.

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