Why Is Solana Down? Ethereum Whales Excited By Impressive 100x Altcoin!

Why Is Solana Down? Ethereum Whales Excited By Impressive 100x Altcoin!

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Many investors are surprised at Solana, which after undergoing major development on its Solana pay plugin, has plunged in value over the past days, sparking a bearish sentiment in the altcoin.

Meanwhile, these investors, particularly the large holders of ETH, or  Ethereum whales, have noted an upcoming ERC20 coin called Raboo (RABT) and have been exceedingly impressed by its intriguing tokenomics and promising outlook, which boasts a potential 100-fold increase from its starting price. Can investors count on this presale coin as one of the best to invest in this year? Let's find out. 

SOL Price Drops Despite Solana Pay Expansion

A few days ago, Helio, a Web3 payment firm, announced an update to a merchant-to-consumer payment solution called Solana Pay, on Shopify, a user-friendly e-commerce platform. This update to the Solana Pay plugin is seen as a notable development as it offers broader support for SOL tokens and also makes Solana stand out amongst other networks as one poised to lead transformation of the e-commerce payment sector.

Unexpectedly, this update could not stop SOL from declining recently, and as a result, the high expectations of crypto enthusiasts about SOL began to wane. SOL's decline was tracked by CoinMarketCap, a crypto data tracking platform, to 10.94% between June 12 and 18, while it traded at a  current price of $134.91.

According to some crypto analysts, a major contributing factor to the token's decline was  the overall market pullback triggered by a recent decline in BTC, the dominant cryptocurrency. These analysts also suggested that if the decline persists, more investors will begin to view SOL as one of the top altcoins currently not worth investing in.

Upcoming Meme Coin Raboo Catches Eye of Ethereum Investors with its  100x Potential 

Ethereum investors have found a notable opportunity in the form of Raboo - a revolutionary meme-centric token that continues to impress with its unique ecosystem and unwavering potential. While it's yet to launch, many investors are already captivated by its unrivaled tokenomics framework, which prioritizes long-term sustainability and promises a potential 100x surge after launch.

Raboo’s is special for its tokenomics design, which provides a total supply of 1.8 billion $RABT tokens, and allocates a substantial 63% for the presale so that early investors, including Ethereum whales can secure a significant stake in the project's future. Additionally, 7.5% of the tokens are reserved for staking rewards, providing attractive passive income opportunities that appeal to savvy crypto enthusiasts.

Moreover, with its sights set on a potential 100x growth, Raboo is emerging as the must-have crypto asset for Ethereum enthusiasts seeking to position themselves for a prosperous future in the $62 billion meme market. To stand a chance to benefit from Raboo's intriguing opportunity, investors can purchase the presale coin at just $0.0048 while in Stage 4 of the presale.


Although top altcoins like Solana slumped due to the overall market pullback, the updates to Solana Pay and its potential to transform the e-commerce payment sector have not gone unnoticed. 

On the other hand, Raboo (RABT), remains a promising investment opportunity especially for Ethereum’s large scale investors due to its stand-out tokenomics and a projected 100x growth potential. 

You can participate in the Raboo presale here:



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