Mexican Billionaire Ricardo Salinas Bullish on Long-Term Prospect of Bitcoin – Top Crypto Coins Under $1 To Buy Now

Mexican Billionaire Ricardo Salinas Bullish on Long-Term Prospect of Bitcoin – Top Crypto Coins Under $1 To Buy Now

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Amid the ongoing crypto market rally, the third richest man in Mexico, Ricardo Salinas, has urged followers to buy Bitcoin to hedge against inflation. The billionaire made the remark in a post on X that discussed inflation as a hidden tax on fiat money. Meanwhile, as the bull market draws closer,  analysts look into the top crypto coins with bullish sentiment.

Among the tokens that experts have high hopes for are Angry Pepe Fork, XRP, Cardano, Polygon and Notcoin. With the APORK presale already making waves across the crypto market, analysts are projecting massive returns in the coming weeks. Let's see why you need to accumulate these top crypto coins now.

Angry Pepe Fork Shocks the Market With Conquer To Earn Model

Angry Pepe Fork is a new, innovative crypto project that is making waves across the market. Using its conquer-to-earn system, Angry Pepe Fork has attracted whales to the ongoing presale. So far, over $130K has been raised, with analysts forecasting $1M before the end of the month and $10M by the end of the presale.

At the ongoing stage 1 of the presale, the Angry Pepe Fork native token APORK is sold for just $0.014. New buyers also receive a 10% deposit bonus, making now the best time to accumulate the token. As smart investors know, early investment in top crypto coins like APORK can yield significant gains in the future. Analysts project a 250% rally in presale and 350% on the listing.

As a platform, Angry Pepe Fork is on a mission to conquer zombie meme coins that have been creating issues in the blockchain. Using it's APORK army, it will conquer these meme coins and reign supreme. Meanwhile, these armies are rewarded in the form of staking rewards. In essence, the ecosystem's staking dApp will be live at presale. As more zombie meme coins are defeated, the APY of the APORK armies increases.

The Angry Pepe Fork is a community-driven ecosystem with various avenues through which users can earn rewards. Individuals are rewarded for showing their prowess on the battlefield, while holders of the token can earn more tokens through the conquer to earn model and quests. For users who missed the last Pepe coin rally, this is another project that will trigger a similar rally. As such, some analysts pick it as one of the best crypto coins to buy now.

Ripple Partners With the National Bank of Georgia To Digitize the Economy

Ripple has partnered with the National Bank of Georgia to collaborate on ways to digitize the local economy. In the past few days, Ripple executive James Wallis has met with the acting governor of the NBG, Natia Turnava, and the head of the bank's financial and supervisory technology development department, Varlan Ebanoidze, to boost financial technology and digitization.

Based on the statement released by NBG, the discussion focused on exploring potential avenues for collaboration in the digitalization of the Georgian economy. The latest partnership showcases Ripples' quest to collaborate with various governments for CBDC development.

Meanwhile, the Ripple price has dropped by 5% in the past month and 9% in the past week as the crypto market heads downwards. However, the XRP trading volume is increasing and could trigger a resurgence soon. With the series of partnerships and ecosystem development, XRP price might hit $1 in Q3, making it one of the top cryptos to buy.

Cardano Price Prediction – Can ADA Hit $1 in 2024?

Cardano is one of the top crypto coins in the market, with a market cap of almost $15B. According to market data, the Cardano price has dropped by 9% in the past week as the market faces a downtrend. The latest downturn has pushed the token price below the $0.50 mark, with Cardano battling to stay above the $0.40 support mark.

Zooming in, over 18 key market indicators are also down, with the Cardano trading volume witnessing slight growth. The technical analysis is also not impressive, as the market sentiment is bearish. Even with the fears of a massive sell-off, some analysts believe that Cardano will turn the tide around soon.

According to data from crypto analytics firm Santiment, Cardano and Bitcoin dominated social media engagement in the past week. This shows that there is high confidence in the project. With the bull market anticipated, Cardano's price can push above $1 in the coming weeks.

Notcoin Price Prediction: Crypto Analysts Forecast a 50% Surge in the Short-term

Notcoin (NOT) is one of the top crypto projects on the market. It was developed by Open Builders, who are known for developing social games. The Notcoin game hopes to bring more members to the Web3 market.

The Notcoin token is a play-to-earn token that is used on social media. Holders earn the Notcointoken by tapping the virtual coin and completing various challenges. Users can also earn additional rewards when they move up on the leadership boards.

According to a crypto expert, Ak47, the Notcoin token is forming a falling wedge on the 4H chart. Based on his analysis, this pattern often tilts toward a bullish breakout, potentially sending the Notcoin price up by 50% in the short term. Meanwhile, the Notcoin trading volume is surging and could trigger more rallies soon. With the Solana blockchain witnessing more adoption, Notcoin is one of the top crypto coins to watch out for in the coming weeks.

Polygon Coin Set for Massive Pump, Crypto Expert Predict

Polygon (MATIC) is one of the best cryptos to buy today with great potential. The project is a layer 2 solution designed for the development of various dApps. In the recent Polygon news, the blockchain scalability platform has announced the creation of a $720M community Treasury with the goal of fostering growth and innovation within the blockchain space in the coming years.

With this move, developers working in the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems will receive maximum support, signalling Polygons goal of enhancing blockchain technology reach and utility.

Meanwhile, crypto investor Universe Crypto 7 believes Polygon coin will see a remarkable pump soon. He made this claim due to its present support level, which is positive. Universe Crypto advises crypto enthusiasts to buy the MATIC token now and make some gains in the future. With the growing interest from investors and upcoming developments, Polygon's pricecould hit $1 in the coming weeks.


With both traditional and institutional investors showing interest in digital currencies, the crypto market is set for more rallies soon. Although the above top crypto coins are projected for massive rallies, Angry Pepe Fork might offer more in the long run based on its strong use case. At the ongoing presale presents the best opportunity to accumulate the APORK token.

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