Discover the 6 Best Smart Passive Income Platforms to Maximize Your Crypto Investments

Discover the 6 Best Smart Passive Income Platforms to Maximize Your Crypto Investments

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In recent years, cryptocurrency mining has become increasingly popular, with more and more people looking to participate in this lucrative industry. However, the traditional mining process is complex and costly, requiring specialized equipment and a lot of energy, making it difficult for some cryptocurrency enthusiasts to easily become miners.

This is where cloud mining companies come into play, providing individuals with a convenient way to participate in cryptocurrency mining without expensive equipment or high energy costs. By renting or purchasing a contract, individuals can easily become miners. In this article, we will review 6 of the most well-known cloud mining platforms and their services.

Here are the six most well-known cloud mining platforms:

1. KK Miner

2. BitDeer

3. BeMine

4. Hashing24

5. StormGain

6. Crypto Universe

1. KK Miner

KK Miner is one of the earliest companies in the world to provide cloud mining services. It was founded in September 2016 and is headquartered in the UK. After years of development, the platform currently has 57 mining farms around the world, with members in more than 157 countries and regions. It is trusted by more than 5.7 million users worldwide and has become a leader in the cloud mining industry.

KK Miner is known for providing a simple, convenient, and easy-to-operate platform that allows users to mine Bitcoin without expensive hardware or technical skills. It can be used by both novice and experienced miners. The platform interface is designed to be intuitive and simple, ensuring that anyone can easily experience mining and get stable returns. People around the world can earn passive income through KK Miner.

The multiple advantages of KK mining machine are as follows

Welcome bonus: Register and get $10 cash for free mining (free profit of $0.5 per day)

Value-added services: High profit level, zero additional fees: high-quality management services, no additional fees

Multiple options: can mine BTC, ETH, LTC and other cryptocurrencies

Safe and reliable: all transactions are safe, funds are stored in cold wallets, and the security is high.

Highly flexible: the rented computing power can be increased or decreased at any time according to needs, and the mining strategy can be flexibly adjusted

Environmental protection and energy saving: all equipment is powered by solar and wind power, and mining is not only profitable but also environmentally friendly.

Affiliate Program: This program allows you to earn up to 4.5% referral bonus

Easy to manage: users do not need to worry about the maintenance and management of the mining machine, just purchase the contract to start.

Professional support: our team of experts is on call at any time to solve any problems for you 24/7.

KK Miner customized cloud computing power contract package:

Mining Machine

Contract Price



Fixed Return

Antminer S17

$ 10 USD

1 day



Antminer E9

$ 100 USD

2 day



Inno A6+

$ 500 USD

5 day



Antminer S19K pro

$ 1500 USD

10 day



Antminer S19K Hydro

$ 3000 USD

15 day



For more packages and information, please visit KKminer official website to view all the cloud mining contract packages that have been launched.

Its official platform website is or (click to download the APP application)

2. BitDeer

Bitdeer is a cloud mining platform founded in 2017. The company offers a range of services including cloud mining, hashrate sharing, and hosting. Bitdeer allows users to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without expensive mining equipment or technical expertise.

3. BeMine

Founded in early 2018, BeMine provides cloud sharing services for ASIC miners covering Russia and CIS countries. Operating at over 70,000Th/s in regions such as Irkutsk, Moscow, Chelyabinsk, and Almaty, BeMine connects data centers with miners and cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world. Users can purchase and store mining equipment remotely, avoiding the hassle of managing it in person. For those who are not ready to purchase a whole ASIC miner, BeMine sells mining machine shares at prices as low as 1/100, providing an affordable entry price for mining. Whole ASIC miners can also be delivered directly to your door.

4. Hashing24

Founded in 2015, Hashing24 is an excellent choice for investors focused on Bitcoin. The company has mined multiple Bitcoins and has a decade of experience in the cloud mining market. The minimum deposit is $800 for 12 months at 1 TH/s. Hashing24 has partnered with Bitfury, a leading blockchain technology company, to provide top-tier mining infrastructure and offers a free demo to simulate profitability.

5. StormGain

StormGain is a cloud mining platform that allows users to mine Bitcoin without expensive hardware or technical skills. Founded in 2017, StormGain operates worldwide and serves millions of traders. StormGain uses advanced technology to ensure a seamless and profitable mining experience with high profitability and daily payouts. Users can earn passive income by renting computing power for Bitcoin mining without upfront investment or expertise. The platform offers a tiered system to increase mining power, with features such as network mining, loyalty programs, and referral rewards. StormGain also offers trading services, including leveraged trading and a decentralized exchange, which can be accessed through a mobile app.

6. Crypto Universe

Founded in 2018, Crypto Universe offers cloud mining services that enable users to earn cryptocurrency through a variety of plans and contracts. The company operates primarily in Russia, benefiting from the region's low electricity prices. Users can choose from three plans and two contract types, and earnings are paid on a daily basis. The platform also allows users to buy and resell mining equipment. With its user-friendly interface and accessibility, Crypto Universe caters to both novice and experienced miners, with a global user base of over 1 million.


The emergence of cloud computing companies has provided more options and convenience for individuals to participate in mining. By working with these companies, individuals can participate in mining by renting computing power, thereby earning passive income without having to purchase and manage mining equipment themselves, or worrying about high energy costs. This approach not only lowers the threshold for individuals to participate in mining, but also allows more people to profit from the cryptocurrency market. Cloud computing companies provide a convenient and economical way for individuals to participate in mining, and are an option worth considering.


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