5 New Crypto Trends That Could Explode in 2024

5 New Crypto Trends That Could Explode in 2024

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The cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility, and predicting which trends will take off can be quite challenging. As we progress further into 2024, the cryptocurrency landscape has continued to evolve at a rapid pace, with new trends emerging that could reshape the market and offer significant investment opportunities.

In this guide, we are cutting through the noise, sharing our findings, and informing you about the 5 crypto trends that could explode in 2024 based on current market conditions and developments. 

Top 5 New Crypto Trends in 2024

Here are the top 5 crypto trends in 2024:

  1. Base Chain - A Decentralized Public Chain 

  2. Solana Ecosystem - A Fast and Scalable Blockchain 

  3. Gamblefi - Combines Blockchain with Online Gambling 

  4. Play-To-Earn (P2E) - Gaming Models that Reward Players with Cryptocurrency

  5. BRC20 - Fungible Tokens Created on the Bitcoin Blockchain 

Best Crypto Trends in 2024 Reviewed

We have done detailed research and curated a list of the top crypto trends in 2024. In each section, we have carefully analyzed each crypto trend and paired it with a certain trend-related coin that embodies its potential. Read the detailed review of each crypto trend below to find out what distinguishes it from other trends and why it is gaining popularity in the crypto market. 

Base Chain - A Decentralized Public Chain

First on our list of the best new crypto trends in 2024 is Base Chain. Base Chain is making its way as a scalable and efficient blockchain, which is designed to support a wide array of decentralized applications, making it one of the best crypto trends in 2024. Essentially, Base Chain is a blockchain network that runs on Ethereum Layer-2  and was developed by Coinbase. Its goal is to improve scalability, performance, and interoperability while lowering transaction costs and settlement time on the Ethereum network. Being a decentralized platform, Base Chain allows for a diverse set of dApps and smart contracts.

The Base Chain also provides a framework for developing and deploying decentralized applications and smart contracts. Its compatibility with Ethereum's toolsets, such as Solidity and Truffle, allows developers to easily construct and deploy decentralized apps and smart contracts. This adaptability supports a diverse range of use cases, including decentralized finance (DeFi), gaming, and non-fungible currencies.

Since the network's launch in August last year, the number of active addresses has increased. According to Basescan, the cumulative count of unique addresses has skyrocketed to 80 million. Base Chain has so far been highly favored due to its lower fees and faster transactions, and it is set to propel crypto into mainstream adoption. It also has Coinbase’s 98 million user base for user acquisition at its disposal. 

Furthermore, Base Chain has a large community, including a new round of meme currency entrants with a combined market cap of around $2.1 billion. It is also presently fighting with Solana for the title of premier chain for meme coins, and in reality, it is making progress in terms of Total Value Locked (TVL). According to DeFiLlama data, its current TVL is $1.64 billion, while Solana's is $4.25 billion.

One of the ways you can invest in Base Chain technology as an investor is by investing in Base Dawgz, as Base Dawgz is catching the wave of Base Chain explosive growth. Base Dawgz is in a great position to dominate the Base chain food chain, as proven by its rising L2 layer and a rapidly expanding meme coin environment.

Base Dawgz is a meme coin that was inspired by the spirit of base jumping as well as the cultural phenomenon of the Shiba Inu meme. It is a meme coin that is designed for those who crave adventure and innovation and brings with it a unique multi-chain experience. 

With Base Dawgz's smooth interoperability between several blockchains, you can travel limitlessly through the decentralized globe. It is built on the Base Chain Network and trades on ETH, SOL, BSC, and AVAX. Base Dawgz recently launched its presale for its DAWGZ token, and the presale has already raised over $1.7 million in less than two weeks, which indicates an increase in investors' demand. 


One DAWGZ token is currently trading for $0.00502 and can be purchased in exchange for ETH, USDT, USDC, BNB, AVAX, and SOL. Thanks to its multi-chain ecosystem Base Chain, $DAWGZ might be an appealing choice for investors interested in tokens with long-term potential.

Additionally, $DAWGZ provides share-to-earn functionality. This means token holders can earn additional tokens by sharing the project's social media content and introducing friends to the presale. In the near future, staking rewards will be introduced for the expanding $DAWGZ community.

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Solana Ecosystem - A Fast and Scalable Blockchain

The Solana ecosystem is the second crypto trend that could potentially explode in 2024. The Solana ecosystem is a fast and scalable blockchain platform that supports a wide range of decentralized applications (dApps). It is capable of processing over 1,000 transactions per block, making it one of the fastest blockchain platforms in the world.

Solana is an open architecture for developing scalable cryptocurrency applications. The architecture is quick, safe, and resistant to censorship, with a focus on worldwide adoption. To manage time on the blockchain, Solana uses a unique mechanism known as Proof of History, which is a major component of Solana's Proof of Stake consensus process, even though it is not a consensus mechanism per se.

PoH and Solana's other important breakthroughs have resulted in a highly scalable network with a maximum capacity of 50,000 transactions per second. The blockchain remains low-cost and speedy as it scales, with an average transaction fee of $0.00025, a block duration of less than one second, and sub-second finality. Solana also ensures composability between ecosystem projects by using a single global state, eliminating the need to integrate with different shards or Layer-2 solutions.

Moreover, the Solana ecosystem has experienced tremendous growth and development thanks to its high-performance blockchain network, active community, and strategic alliances. Challenges have been faced with fortitude, and solutions have been devised to ensure the ecosystem's long-term success. As Solana matures, it still remains a dynamic force in the blockchain world, providing a scalable and efficient platform for decentralized innovation.

One popular you can invest in the Solana ecosystem is through a new ICO such as Sealana. Sealana is a memecoin built on the Solana blockchain that utilizes its fast and scalable technology to provide a seamless user experience. Sealana (SEAL), a chubby seal mascot, has sparked a new surge of interest in the meme coin market. It has gained significant traction in the market and is considered one of the top coins in the Solana ecosystem.

Sealana's design and appeal rely significantly on a hilarious and culturally relevant premise. The coin depicts a chubby seal mascot, evoking the image of an American redneck akin to characters from the popular television series South Park. The coin's rising popularity is a result of this lighthearted attitude, which has found resonance with a wide audience.

Sealana recently launched the presale of its native token $SEAL, and this presale has raised over $5 million, which indicates a strong rise in investors demand. Sealana is moving towards its sell out, and the presale will end on June 25 at 6 PM UTC. 

One $SEAL is currently trading for $0.022 and can be purchased in exchange for ETH, USDT, SOL, and BNB. You can also purchase $SEAL directly through your bank card.

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GambleFi - Combines Blockchain with Online Gambling

Ranking third on our list is GambleFi - one of the biggest trends in decentralized online gambling in 2024. Gamblefi merges the worlds of cryptocurrency and online gambling, offering new innovative ways to bet and win in the digital age. It refers to a cryptocurrency and blockchain trend that blends features of online gambling with decentralized finance (DeFi).

The goal of the GambleFi movement is to establish a financial ecosystem that will enable consumers to partake in online gambling while simultaneously enjoying the advantages of decentralized finance. Innovative features like utility NFTs that provide several benefits within the ecosystem and zero-loss betting systems, which allow users to place bets without the fear of losing their initial investment, are frequently included in GambleFi initiatives.

Although the GambleFi sector is still in its infancy, it is becoming increasingly well-known as a prominent trend in the blockchain and cryptocurrency worlds. Given the ongoing development of decentralized finance (DeFi) and the multibillion-dollar nature of online gambling, the convergence of these two industries in the form of GambleFi offers promising growth opportunities.

Investors can make their way through this ongoing trend by investing in Mega Dice - a cutting-edge online platform that caters to modern gamblers by offering a wide choice of top-tier casino games, sports betting opportunities, and more. Mega Dice is more than simply a gaming website; it is dedicated to creating a community where loyalty is recognized and rewarded. The integration of the $DICE token creates a one-of-a-kind environment in which participants can enjoy exclusive perks such as income sharing and enhanced awards.

At the time of writing, Mega Dice is the number one GameFi platform on SOL. It is not a new casino and is already a rapidly growing global crypto casino brand with over 50k players, 4000+ games from top providers, 50 + Sports and eSports, 50,000 + Players, 10,000 + Active monthly players, and $50M monthly wagering. Mega Dice recently launched the presale of its $DICE token. The presale has already raised over $1.5 million, indicating a rise in investors' interest. One $DICE currently trades for $0.075 and can be bought in exchange for SOL, ETH, and BNB.

The reason for excitement is that Mega Dice distinguishes itself by mixing the thrill of gaming with the benefits of Bitcoin innovation, resulting in a gratifying experience for all of its customers. It offers the flexibility to play using the leading cryptocurrencies, yet it is the exclusive $DICE token that unlocks remarkable benefits, including staking rewards and additional perks simply for possessing it. While not required to play any of the casino's games, $DICE serves as an extra currency choice that offers some distinct benefits when it comes to wagering.

For holders of $DICE that have their tokens staked, Mega Dice has introduced the first of its kind daily rewards which are based on the performance of Mega Dice Casino. This simply means that everyone can share in the success of one of the world's fastest-growing online crypto casinos, making now a perfect time to enjoy the benefits that come with holding $DICE.

Additionally, Mega Dice players will receive limited edition NFTs that will provide them with special benefits and incentives, and they will also be able to trade them on the market if they choose. The DICE token is seamlessly integrated into Mega Dice casino, offering exclusive access, rewards, and benefits. Participants who invested early enough in the presale will receive a bonus of $DICE tokens, which will increase their initial investment value.

The $DICE token has a total supply of 420,000,000 and allows users to access exclusive materials, participate in community governance, and receive special rewards and privileges. 35% of the token is allocated to the presale, and 15% is allocated for an airdrop for players. An additional 15% is set aside for LP, 15% accounts for the Casino $DICE pool, 10% for staking rewards, a further 5% is allocated to marketing/KOL deals, and 5% is set aside for affiliates. 

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Play-To-Earn (P2E) - Gaming Models that Reward Players with Cryptocurrency

Coming fourth on our list of the 5 new crypto trends that could explode in 2024 is Play to Earn. Play to Earn, or P2E is a gaming trend that encourages users to earn money by playing games. The trend can be seen in the rise of games that offer in-game microtransactions as a way to make money in the form of NFT or crypto. These games frequently allow users to win rewards for playing the game regularly.

The Play to Earn model has quickly become one of the most popular crypto trends of 2024. The P2E concept has steadily grown in popularity, with interest in Play To Earn increasing by 44% over the last year compared to the previous year, resulting in a current number of 24K searches each month as of last month.

Notably, the Play-To-Earn model transforms the gaming industry by allowing players to earn real money or crypto tokens through gameplay. It is commonly employed when creating blockchain-based games. Its name is pretty self-explanatory: you play the game to win cryptocurrency coins or tokens.

Play to Earn games typically reward players for completing tasks, winning fights (in some situations), and taking care of their characters as much as possible. Everything depends on the game. While one P2E game may allow you to fight creatures and defend your world against your own, another, such as Play Doge, may provide you with a lovely character to care for by feeding it, ensuring it sleeps well, exercises, has a lot of fun, and is always happy and healthy.

Since the beginning of the year, the P2E sector has grown remarkably, and we now have a wide range of games to pick from. Each has its own set of advantages and storylines, and the action is usually rather engaging. What matters most is what you're looking for, and most likely, you'll find the perfect Play to Earn game for you.

These incentives take the form of in-game assets such as cryptocurrency tokens, virtual land, skins, weaponry, and other NFTs. Because the game is decentralized, players can buy, transfer, and sell in-game assets outside of the virtual world for real money.

Play-to-earn games also allow users to gain incentives without having to spend money, at least during the registration process when connecting wallets. This means that even individuals who are unemployed or looking for side jobs can earn a fair living and provide for their families while relaxing at home and playing video games. In this concept, others can easily follow suit and join the game's ecology.

You can join this trend and involve yourself in the Play to Earn sector by investing in PlayDoge. PlayDoge is the ultimate P2E Doge companion game. It is also the ideal mobile play-to-earn (P2E) game, transforming the popular Doge meme into a Tamagotchi-style virtual pet. You can secure your $PLAY tokens in the ongoing presale to earn crypto while playing nostalgic 2D retro game adventures.

Practically, PlayDoge is a mobile game that blends the popular Tamagotchi virtual pet experience with the innovative digital economics of cryptocurrencies. Investors can nurture their PlayDoge by feeding, entertaining, training, and ensuring they get enough sleep. And with PlayDoge, you can dive into classic 8-bit side-scrolling adventures, relive the '90s nostalgia, and also earn crypto along the way.

PlayDoge brings the virtual pet craze into the 21st century with high-definition pixel graphics, intuitive touchscreen controls, interactive pet care, and blockchain security. Owners must provide the essentials to keep their PlayDoges alive and complete game levels to form a strong bond with their companion while earning $PLAY tokens.

Play Doge recently launched the presale of its PLAY tokens. The presale has raised over $4.6 million, indicating a huge rise in investors' interest. One $PLAY is currently trading for $0.00509 and can be bought in exchange for ETH, USDT, BNB, and directly through your debit or credit bank card. 

$PLAY, the native token of PlayDoge, has some very interesting features that make PlayDoge one of the best meme coins to invest in in the play-to-earn sector. $PLAY is the primary in-game currency for transactions and unlocking special features. $PLAY is acquired by interacting with pets and achieving success in the P2E game and also, $PLAY is valuable as a rewards token within the P2E game design and as a marketable asset in the cryptocurrency market.

Overall, PLAY tokens establish a financial incentive system that is closely related to a player's ability to care for their virtual pet, instilling real-world consequences in the Tamagotchi experience. As an investor, you will earn more $PLAY tokens by maintaining the health of your PlayDoge and mastering mini-games. However, failure to adequately care for your PlayDoge may result in it fleeing or perishing, so it is best to stay attentive and nurture your pet to maximize your $PLAY rewards.

Additionally, $PLAY token holders who interact with the PlayDoge app will have access to the Leaderboard. Players earn XP by attending to their Doge's requirements and completing mini-game levels. The top XP earners on the leaderboard will receive additional $PLAY tokens and exclusive goodies. These incentives are only available to $PLAY token holders.

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BRC-20 - Fungible Tokens Created on the Bitcoin Blockchain

BRC20 is a token standard for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network that enables the creation of tokens with advanced features and functionality. BRC20 has gained significant traction in the market, with many developers opting for BRC20 over other token standards.

The BRC-20 tokens are an experimental standard within the Bitcoin network that seeks to broaden its capabilities beyond simple peer-to-peer transactions. Also, BRC-20 tokens seek to transform the Bitcoin ecosystem by democratizing finance, encouraging innovation, and accelerating growth.

These types of tokens are an innovative solution to Bitcoin's inherent programmability limits, utilizing ordinal inscriptions to create semi-fungible assets on the Bitcoin network. To date, BRC-20 tokens have taken advantage of the Bitcoin network's existing infrastructure and security. Token creation has been simplified compared to other standards that need complicated smart contracts. The powerful structure of the Bitcoin blockchain has resulted in increased security mechanisms for BRC-20 tokens.

Despite only starting as an "experiment," BRC-20 tokens have become extremely popular. This technology has been utilized to create over 14,000 tokens, which have a collective market capitalization of $600 million and are still in circulation as of the time of writing. The excellent reception it has received from cryptocurrency enthusiasts is partly due to the status and popularity of the Bitcoin network that runs it.

One notable platform for BRC-20 tokens is 99Bitcoins. This platform allows users to create and trade BRC-20 tokens, leveraging the security and stability of the Bitcoin blockchain. 99Bitcoins is set to become a major player in this emerging trend.

99Bitcoins, which is known as the future of Learn-to-Earn, has just recently launched an ongoing presale for its Learn-to-Earn token, the 99BTC token. 99Bitcoins was developed to reward people for learning about cryptocurrencies. The classic 99Bitcoins platform is collaborating with BRC-20 to establish the L2E model on the Bitcoin network.

Since 2013, 99Bitcoins has been the most comprehensive online learning resource in crypto. It is now pioneering the next evolution of rewards with Learn-to-Earn. The platform has a community with over 709k followers, 2,845,886 email subscribers, and crypto courses of over 79 hours.

The BRC-20 standard enables the minting and transferring of fungible tokens on Bitcoin, and 99Bitcoins aims to leverage BRC-20 to create a synchronous Learn-to-Earn platform that rewards users for learning about crypto. With 99Bitcoins, users can unlock additional learning modules, quizzes, and tutorials that will help make their learning experience engaging and enjoyable.

As a 99BTC holder, you will also be able to maximize your trading with expert crypto trading signals that will give you an edge in fast-moving markets. You also have the opportunity to join VIP community groups and mentoring, where you can learn from like-minded individuals, share insights, and develop your crypto knowledge.

99BTC has a total token supply of 99,000,000,000, and this novel utility token allows all 99Bitcoin users to earn crypto while learning about crypto. Also, as a token holder, you can earn rewards by staking tokens if you don’t have time to learn. So, if you are already a seasoned investor who doesn’t care about learning, you can simply stake your $99BTC tokens in 99Bitcoins, secure smart contracts, and earn passive rewards.

It is important to note that you will receive $99BTC directly into your wallet as you complete the full curriculum and engage with the 99Bitcoins community. These token rewards you have earned so far can be used to view premium content, access discounts on partner products and services, and trade on-chain.

The presale has raised over $2.2 million, indicating a strong investor interest rise. One $99BTC is currently trading for $0.0011 and can be bought in exchange for ETH, BNB, and USDT. You can also purchase it directly through your credit or debit bank card.

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Other Top Crypto Trends to Watch in 2024

There are several other crypto trends to watch in 2024. Below, we have outlined only a few of them:

  • Crypto ETF approvals - The SEC has recently approved a variety of crypto-related ETFs that can be purchased by retail investors without the need to open a crypto account.  

  • AI applications in the crypto market - AI is making a huge progress in the crypto sphere, with many AI applications integrating with the blockchain network. 

  • Increase in crypto regulation - Since the beginning of the year, many regulators around the world have made some crucial decisions to regulate cryptocurrencies. 

  • NFT rentals - A huge crypto trend that enables users to rent in-game products, characters, and certain features. 

  • Decentralized finance (DeFi) - The DeFi market continues to grow in 2024, with new DeFi applications and technology improvements. 

  • Funding, mergers, and acquisitions in the crypto market - With crypto funding and M&A on the rise, the crypto market becomes a unique landscape. 

  • Cross-border of CBDC networks - Central bank digital currency (CBDC), which is a form of digital currency issued by central banks, can be a huge game changer in the future of cryptocurrencies. 

  • Increase in Layer 2 Smart Contracts - Layer 2 solutions are a new revolutionary technology that can improve scalability, reduce costs, and offer faster transaction time. 

  • Sustainable and green cryptocurrencies - Due to the negative environmental effects of the mining process for Bitcoin and other cryptos, new green and sustainable cryptocurrencies are developed to solve this problem. 

Final Word 

In summary, staying informed about the latest trends is crucial for making informed investment decisions as the crypto market evolves. The crypto market is dynamic, and every trend can be the next thing to explode. 

The trends highlighted here represent significant opportunities in 2024, offering potential for both innovation and profit. Revolutionary technology platforms like Base Dawgz, Sealana, or 99Bitcoins can be a great opportunity to invest in 2024 and beyond. 

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Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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