Yoton Yo Studios appoints award-winning Paul Jenkins to role of Creative Director in Residence for the upcoming Exfinitum Omniverse phygital TCG

Yoton Yo Studios appoints award-winning Paul Jenkins to role of Creative Director in Residence for the upcoming Exfinitum Omniverse phygital TCG

London, United Kingdom, May 9th, 2024, Chainwire

Following April’s announcement that Yoton Yo Studios had secured a sizeable series A investment, and continues to attract world-leading blockchain grant funding, the independent studio released further details concerning its all-new genre defining phygital TCG game, Exfinitum Omniverse.

Helmed by Peter J Wacks, creator of Cyberpunk CCG and an award-winning and highly acclaimed author of graphic novels, comics and major franchises; Exfinitum Omniverse was always going to be steeped in rich storytelling and narrative at its core.

To supplement the talented Wacks and his writing team, the studio have significantly boosted their credentials and creative capacity with the appointment of Paul Jenkins and his Meta Studios outfit to the role of Creative Director in Residence.

Jenkins is a serial award-winning creative with extensive accomplishments. These straddle writing for, and building franchises in the film, graphic novel and video game industries. 

During this time, he has won an Eisner, been nominated for BAFTAs, hit #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list, and worked with hundreds of world-renowned entertainment icons, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man, Batman, and The Origin of Wolverine to six platinum-selling video games.

He is credited with playing a key role in the revitalisation of the Marvel Universe. His creations have been seen in multiple Marvel movies and video games,including Into The SpiderVerse, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and the upcoming Thunderbolts movie, which sees the screen debut of The Sentry.

Peter J Wacks commented “I’ve long held the belief that talent begets talent and never more so than when you put highest grade creatives in the same sandbox. I’m ecstatic that Paul and his team have come to join us. What they bring is not just exceptional creative talent and output, but ready-baked IP that fits Exfintium’s purpose and story arc. This is going to be a fun ride!”

Paul Jenkins stated “I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy success across books, comics, films and video games for three decades. It’s a genuine pleasure to have another opportunity in gaming and to help Peter and his team shape story and more. We both share very similar outlooks on the creative industries as a whole, and the immense opportunities and challenges they currently face.

Jenkins continued, “My team at Meta didn’t hesitate to commit to YYS for the long-haul when we understood the game-changing nature of Exfinitum Omniverse, and what it represents as a phygital TCG with multiverse, cross-storytelling at its core. Weaving some magic between the merging worlds of web2 & web3 offers myriad new opportunities to develop story and content. Combined with the generative approach to technology that Peter and his engineers are developing for the game system, and contributing tech, our combined visions and expertise certainly promise a significant shift in the TCG genre”

Meta Studios will be unveiling a raft of new IP via Exfinitum Omniverse including Fablewood, Sidekick, and Switchlings, as well as a soon to be announced Exfinitum Omniverse origin story titled Quantumverse.

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State-of-the-art innovation sits at the core of taking the traditional trading card game into a new realm that morphs multiverses in physical and digital play, enabling the same cards to be playable in multiple games. 


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