Pushd's Presale Sparks Major Interest: XRP & Ethereum Investors Pledge Support for E-Commerce Revolution

Pushd's Presale Sparks Major Interest: XRP & Ethereum Investors Pledge Support for E-Commerce Revolution

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Crypto investment has the potential to make people millionaires and, in some cases, billionaires, but finding the right crypto to invest in is the biggest challenge, as there are already lots of options available. There are lots of cryptocurrencies on the market, but it takes hard work and deep analysis to predict whether a crypto is worth investing in. Lately, XRP and Ethereum investors are supporting a new crypto called Pushd, which they think has the potential to turn into a multi-bagger.

In this post, we’ll examine how Pushd, a fairly new coin, can make its investors a lot of money compared to big names in the crypto industry like XRP and Ethereum.

Ripple To Use Stablecoin In US ODL Instead Of XRP?

Anders, one of the digital asset researchers, posted on X:
“So, confirmed that Ripple is using a stablecoin for ODL in the US currently (because of the lawsuit). 

Perhaps Ripple is launching its own USD stablecoin not just for AMM usage and institutional DeFi but also for doing ODL in the US.”

Anderson's comments imply that Ripple's decision to introduce a stablecoin would fit well with its efforts to deal with U.S. regulations. Right now, Ripple is caught up in a legal battle with the SEC. Remember, the SEC accused Ripple of selling XRP without proper registration to both regular people and big institutions in the U.S. While a court in New York ruled that selling XRP to regular people didn't break investment rules, it did find Ripple guilty of breaking securities laws by selling XRP to big institutions.

When Will Ethereum Spot ETFs Be Launched?

Standard Chartered said in a report that it's doubtful Ether ETFs will get approval in May. They mentioned that because of increasing macro risks, the flow of money into Bitcoin ETFs has decreased. The bank also restated its prediction for the price of Bitcoin by the end of the year, expecting it to reach $150,000, and for ether, they foresee it hitting $8,000.

In January, authorities gave the green light to trade Bitcoin through exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which boosted the crypto market. Despite this, Standard Chartered isn't pessimistic, even though it's reconsidering its stance on the possibility of an ETF for ether, another cryptocurrency. 

Pushd: A Potential Investment Option in E-commerce Space 

Pushd is making the idea of Web3 real by giving users power, bringing people together, and coming up with new ideas that fill a gap in the world of digital currency. While big names like XRP and Ethereum are figuring out their own stories, Pushd is changing how we shop online, showing us what a future with decentralized buying and selling could look like.

Pushd has been successfully audited and confirmed as a trustworthy way to invest your money. The money is locked in for 20 years to keep things stable, and the team's tokens are locked in for 700 days, making Pushd a smart choice for investors.

In stage 6, you can participate in the presale for just $0.144 a token. It's a great opportunity you won't want to miss. Experts think Pushd could increase by about 1,000% by November 2024.

Find out more about the Pushd presale at their official website.

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