Is Cardano Centralized? KangaMoon Announces New Listing On Coingecko 10X On The Cards?

Is Cardano Centralized? KangaMoon Announces New Listing On Coingecko 10X On The Cards?

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The debate on whether Cardano is centralized or decentralized has been a subject of discussion in the crypto market. However, Cardano is decentralized. Users can send the Cardano token to anybody across the globe without depending on a central third party. Both Cardano and Ethereum blockchains are used in building apps that connect together, similar to the Apple and Google Play Stores.

Meanwhile, KangaMoon has been listed in popular crypto price tracking websites, making it easier to study KANG market trends. Some analysts already picked KANG as one of the top altcoins to invest in ahead of the upcoming altcoin season

KangaMoon Hits CoinGecko As Analysts Project 10x Rallies

Barely a few days after BitMart announced the upcoming KangaMoon listing, the two popular crypto data aggregator websites CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko have listed the KANG token. Analysts believe the new listing will boost KANG's visibility and trigger more rallies. As such, they forecast 10x rallies in the coming weeks, putting KANG on the list of altcoins to watch in June. 

Meanwhile, the KangaMoon native token, KANG, has increased considerably in the past few months. Having started the presale at $0.05, the KANG price has surged to $0.025, giving early buyers 400% ROI. The KangaMoon community has also increased to over 32,000 members, with token holders exceeding 10,000. So far, the team has raised almost $7M in presale, with crypto experts projecting $10M soon. 

With the presale heading to its final stage, KangaMoon has rolled out several incentives for members. In the past weeks, KangaMoon has partnered with the popular Telegram bot RaidSharksbot to boost engagement. Within the timeframe, KangaMoon unveiled the Kangameme context, where users share their KangaMoon-themed meme and stand a chance of winning a $50 weekly reward. 

The KangaMoon staking dApp is also live, and users can stake their tokens for high APY. Meanwhile, the KangaMoon ecosystem is a fusion of GameFi and SocialFi, with the goal of rewarding users when they engage in various activities. With other exchanges set to list KANG in the coming weeks, the KANG price is likely to hit $1 in 2024. As such, KANG could end up becoming one of the top-performing altcoins of 2024.

Cardano Price Analysis – Bullish Rally Ahead

Cardano is among the top altcoins and crypto analysts are bullish in the long term. After dropping below the $0.5 mark in the past week, Cardano is rising again. The crypto is on the path of establishing support at the $0.50 mark, a move that could see the Cardano price attempt to break through the $0.80 resistance trendline. 

Meanwhile, over 15 Cardano key market indicators are trending bullish and showing a buy signal. The Cardano trading volume and market cap are surging, which could trigger more rallies. Although the Cardano Fear and Greed Index are neutral, analysts believe that the upcoming bull run will push the price above $1. As such, some of the Cardano price predictionstip the price to hit $1 in June, making it one of the best altcoins to buy.

Why KangaMoon Is a Better Option Than Cardano

Although Cardano is an open protocol where anyone can complete transactions or build decentralized apps without relying on a third party, the ADA token has yet to witness a significant rise in the past few months. The token has only gained 38% in the past year, compared with KangaMoon, which has gained 400% within 4 months. With the KANG tokens listing coming up, we could witness an over 20x surge, boosting investors' portfolios and alsoturning average investors into millionaires.

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