io.net Enters Strategic Partnership With Aethir To Expand Its Decentralized Computing Infrastracture

io.net Enters Strategic Partnership With Aethir To Expand Its Decentralized Computing Infrastracture

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The partnership will see over 300 powerful NVIDIA GPUs deployed on io.net with a target of over a thousand set by the end of May this year.

Decentralized computing provider io.net announced a partnership with Aethir, a leading enterprise-grade AI-focused GPU-as-a-service provider, to expand its GPU infrastructure and the overall computing capacity across its network. According to the team, the partnership marks a “pivotal” moment in io.net’s quest to become a global force in providing decentralized computing services as well as its efforts to enhance blockchain and AI computing capabilities. 

“This expansion represents an important leap forward for io.net as we continue to advance the field of decentralized computing,” said Ahmad Shadid, CEO of io.net. 

Shadid also explained the partnership will play a huge role in driving the adoption of blockchain technology, and novel technologies such as AI and machine learning. So far, Aethir has provided io.net with over 300 NVIDIA H100 GPUs and plans to deploy a total of 1,000 NVIDIA H100 GPUs onto its network by the end of this month. This will set io.net as the largest decentralized computing provider, with the latest integration tripling all available H100s combined from competitors in the Web3 space. 

“The additional GPU capacity will enable our growing user base – which includes a considerable number of machine learning engineers – to tackle more complex and demanding computational tasks, aligning with our commitment to continuous innovation and unrivalled UX,” Shadid added. 

Shaping the Future of Decentralized Computing

 The latest GPU additions – NVIDIA H100 GPUs rank among the most powerful chips in the market today. These chips are widely used in the growing artificial intelligence and machine learning sectors mainly due to their capabilities in training AIs and large-scale computational simulations. The GPUs offer fast, reliable and efficient designs to enable developers and builders to create futuristic innovations 

“With Aethir’s supply of NVIDIA H100s, we empower AI and machine learning enterprises to launch and operate groundbreaking AI platforms,” said Aethir CEO Daniel Wang. “With our GPUs and IO’s innovative clustering solution, this collaboration unleashes a GPU cloud computing powerhouse. This isn’t just about powering today’s AI products; it’s about enabling developers and enterprises to efficiently scale and launch the AI solutions of tomorrow.”

The strategic alliance between io.net and Aethir started in April to democratize and decentralize AI infrastructure while making supercomputing power more economically viable and locally accessible. Since then, the two have grown their GPU power significantly, with a combined 640,000 GPUs. The latest round of GPUs from Aethir will bring the total number of state-of-the-art NVIDIA H100 GPUs on io.net to 4,000, making them one of the largest decentralized computing providers today.  

In addition, the latest supply of GPUs shows Aethir’s commitment to growing decentralized GPU cloud computing in the AI and machine learning fields. With these industries being on an explosive growth path, partnerships such as these could be beneficial, giving users the necessary compute power to aid their AI innovations and creativity in the future. 

io.net’s team also reiterated its vision to extend cheap computing services across the globe. The company aims at more partnerships to ensure its state-of-the-art network continues to provide solutions to the ever-evolving needs of its users.

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