Finding bemo: Your ultimate app for staking on the TON Blockchain

Finding bemo: Your ultimate app for staking on the TON Blockchain

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The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector continues to unveil remarkable opportunities for participants. Staking is a remarkable tool that allows digital asset owners to pool/lend/lock their assets in a blockchain platform and earn yield in the process. bemo strives to optimize this possibility on the TON blockchain. 

The Open Network (TON) is a layer-1 blockchain committed to a decentralized and open internet. It was initially known as Telegram Open Network before the project was rebranded to its current form, but still benefits from the robust infrastructure of Telegram. This network has grown into a vibrant ecosystem for developers and crypto investors. 

DeFi activity continues to grow on the TON blockchain 

A decentralized finance blockchain has several metrics for analyzing its performance. That said, the Total Value Locked (TVL) is a pretty strong indicator of commerce on the blockchain. For the TON blockchain, the TVL exceeded the $200 million mark in May 2024. This mark represents growth of almost four times since the year started. The spike in TVL has also seen an increase in total active wallets, market capitalization, and general buzz around the ecosystem. 

DeFi blockchains thrive on usage. Ethereum retains its prominence, despite the scalability issues, because of how many tokens use the ERC-20 standard. Therefore, it is a great time for developers looking to build various products on the blockchain. The greater the overall utility, the more there is for all stakeholders in the ecosystem. 

What bemo achieves for users 

bemo is an innovative decentralized application on the TON blockchain that provides users the staking ease needed to participate in this ecosystem. This staking app gives users the ability to stake their TON tokens while retaining liquidity and participation in other DeFi activities. 

Standard staking involves locking up tokens with a DeFi platform with limited ability to utilize the tokens. bemo ensures that stakers have “liquid tokens,” meaning that you can benefit from staking rewards, even while participating in other DeFi activities.

Additionally, bemo has leveled the playing field, with no minimum staking requirements. bemo also boasts an incentive program for users to join the future BMO token airdrop. The robust infrastructure of its native blockchain ensures that users have a scalable and efficient ecosystem to thrive.