Breaking News: Bitgert Coin Price Expected to Skyrocket in Coming Days

Breaking News: Bitgert Coin Price Expected to Skyrocket in Coming Days

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The crypto market capitalization has risen by 2% in the last 24 hours and now sits comfortably at 2.38 trillion. Despite deep correction in the market, we did not witness steep declines in the value of blue-chip tokens, including BItcoin and Ethereum. This resilience shows the crypto market is maturing, and so are the tokens that have withstood the test of the beast market nad crypto market crashes. 

Investors seeking to invest in the crypto market favor tokens that have performed well in the past, have a formidable track record, and have survived at least one bear market. Besides price history, narratives also play an important role in determining investors' choice of investment. 

With RWA and L1 narratives taking over the market, it is feasible to look for unexplored tokens that have benefited investors in terms of price gains and hold significance due to their great fundamentals. 

One such token on the L1 scene is BItgert. Bitgert is fast becoming popular among developers and founders as the go-to chain for building dApps and decentralized platforms for NFTs, metaverse, gaming, DeFi, etc.  

Some of the features that set apart BItgert from the rest of the lot include: 

  • Bitgert is a Proof of Authority blockchain offering a TPS of 100K. Blockchains like Solana Ijnecitve, Tron, etc., have yet to achieve this feat. 

  • Bitgert is the first zero-gas-fee blockchain. Its negligible gas fee is $0.0000001. Ethereum, Solana, and Injective charge much higher fees than Bitgert’s average. 

  • Bitgert has a dedicated community of more than 800K followers and has processed over 25 million transactions. 

  • Bitgert has several native capabilities, including a P2P exchange, and a centralized crypto exchange Bitgert.Exchange, a payment gateway, an NFT marketplace, an RWA-focused marketplace where you can sell real-estate-based RWAs, and more. 

  • Bitgert has entered into partnerships with known names like COinlist, ChainGPT, Forward, etc. New names added to the list of partnerships include names like Wow Earn, Medical VEDA, Crypto Mayhem, Sands Casino, Day Sui, Prism Net, etc. 

  • Bitgwrt’s Startup Studio has helped many projects raise funds for public and private sales. Besides, its partnership with IXIRPAD, the incubator for WEB 3.0 innovation, will further help startups raise funds and grow. 

BRISE Price Performance 

BRISE is the native token of the Bitgert blockchain based on the BRC-20 standard. It is compatible with Polygon, Ethereum, and BSC chains. It has a limited supply, which is deflationary, given the robust price burn mechanism. The Bitgert team burned down 2 million tokens as part of the mechanism. This means the token supply will remain ever-shrinking and valuable in the long run. 

Bitgert has performed extremely well for a token of its caliber. Since its launch, it has given investors a return of 40,000%. Bitgert reached a monthly high in March before it entered into correction and was giving investors a return of 70% monthly. Experts predict Bitgert will rise exponentially during this bull run, especially in May. Invest in Bitgert today to secure the maximum gains.

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