Secrets Revealed: 5 Top Cryptos To Buy Under $0.1 Before the Bitcoin Halving

Secrets Revealed: 5 Top Cryptos To Buy Under $0.1 Before the Bitcoin Halving

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In the cryptocurrency market, it’s all about finding the next big thing before it takes off. With Bitcoin’s halving event just around the corner, traders are searching for promising currencies with high returns. These are the top 5 cryptocurrencies priced at under $0.1 that could blow up:

1. KangaMoon (KANG)
2. Pepe (PEPE)
3. Gala (GALA)
4. VeChain (VET)
5. Flare (FLR)


1. KangaMoon (KANG): The Best Crypto to Buy at This Moment

First on our list of top crypto coins under $0.1 list is KangaMoon (KANG). This rising presale star has surged 290% while raising over $4M. Certain analysts even project KangaMoon raising close to $5M in its ongoing presale before the end of April 2024.

KangaMoon plans to tap into the Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming market, which Yahoo Finance predicts will reach $885M by 2028. In their upcoming P2E game, players can buy in-game items and upgrade their characters using KANG. Holders of this crypto will also gain access to weekly/monthly/quarterly challenges for extra tokens or in-game items.

Another exciting aspect of KangaMoon is its commitment to giving back to the community. For instance, before its official launch, KangaMoon will reward the most active community members with free KANG tokens. As a result, over 20,000 community members are now liking/sharing/commenting on KangaMoon’s social media posts to obtain KANG for free.

At the moment, KANG costs just $0.0196 since it is in Stage 5 of its presale. Those that bought it early on are enjoying a 290% ROI. However, experts remain bullish as they foresee a 100x rise for KANG once a Tier-1 CEX lists it in Q2 of 2024. If you are interested in one of the best coins to invest in, follow the links below and obtain a 10% bonus on each purchase.

2. Pepe (PEPE): Gaining Traction for Its Meme Appeal

Pepe (PEPE) is another good crypto to buy before Bitcoin’s halving event. Known for its meme appeal, the Pepe coin has been taking over. In terms of the Pepe price movement, it saw a jump from $0.0000053 to $0.0000069 in the past 30 days. Its market cap also grew from $3.05B to $3.07B during that time.

The technical analysis for Pepe is also showing bullish signs. For example, Pepe is now trading above its 21-day EMA. Not only that, but 16 technical indicators are now in the buy zone for Pepe. Therefore, there are bullish Pepe price predictions per some experts. They forecast a potential rise to $0.00001 for Pepe within Q2 of 2024.

3. Gala (GALA): A GameFi Token Trading in the Green

Next up is Gala (GALA), an innovative GameFi token used for payments in the Gala Games ecosystem. CoinMarketCap data shows that the Gala price has surged from $0.046 to $0.056 over the last month, and this crypto’s market cap increased from $1.29B to $1.72B.

From a technical analysis perspective, the Gala crypto will experience a bullish run soon. Notably, there are now 17 technical indicators in the green for Gala. In addition, Gala is trading above its 50 and 100-day EMAs. As a result, prominent market analysts forecast the Gala price surging to $0.085 before the end of Q2 2024.

4. VeChain (VET): Redefining the Supply Chain Management Sector

In the second-to-last place, we placed VeChain (VET). It is a prominent blockchain platform that prioritizes managing supply chains. Recently, the VeChain crypto has been making waves in the crypto market. Its price increased from $0.024 to $0.041 in the past year alone. During that time, VeChain’s market cap grew from $1.75B to $3.01B.

VeChain’s future also looks bright if we examine its technical analysis. For example, the VeChain crypto is now trading above its 100—and 200-day EMAs. Moreover, 18 technical indicators show green for this crypto. Therefore, experts foresee VeChain reaching a value of $0.062 within Q2 of 2024. This makes VET one of the best cryptos to invest in.

5. Flare (FLR): A Crypto Riding a Bullish Wave

Last but not least, Flare (FLR) is another good crypto to buy before Bitcoin’s halving event. Recently, this crypto has been riding a bullish wave. According to CoinMarketCap data, the Flare price increased from $0.034 to $0.042 over the past week alone. Its market cap rose from $1.26B to $1.58B in that period.

The technical analysis for the Flare coin also shows bullish signs. Most notably, Flare is trading above its 21- and 50-day EMAs. In addition, 22 technical indicators are in the buy zone for Flare. Because of this, prominent market analysts predict Flare will trade at $0.056 before the end of Q2 2024.

What Is the Best Coin To Invest in Under $0.1?

While KangaMoon, Pepe, Gala, VeChain and Flare are all top 5 cryptocurrencies to monitor - one of them stands out. KangaMoon has a low market cap of $19.6M which gives it an advantage over its peers. To clarify, KANG needs far less new funds for its price to skyrocket. Therefore, KangaMoon is the best cryptocurrency to buy before Bitcoin’s halving event.

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