RNDR Whales Take Profits to Become Part of DeFi Platform DTX, Analysts Expect Hybrid Exchange to Give 25X Returns in 2024

RNDR Whales Take Profits to Become Part of DeFi Platform DTX, Analysts Expect Hybrid Exchange to Give 25X Returns in 2024

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Investors need to be using on-chain data to track capital flows. Render (RNDR) whales take profits to become part of DeFi platform DTX Exchange (DTX). Analysts expect hybrid exchange to give 25X returns in 2024.

With the halving merely weeks away and a massive overall market surge, expected presales are currently the best cryptocurrencies to buy. But why are Render (RNDR) whales investing in DTX Exchange? Could this ICO become a blue-chip project later this year? 

Render (RNDR) Whales Rotating Into DTX 

Render (RNDR) has been one of the most successful altcoins in recent months, and as the AI narrative took off, Render’s (RNDR) price action went into overdrive. It creates an open marketplace for GPU compute, and Render (RNDR) connects the demand and supply side, leveraging its native token, $RNDR, as the medium of exchange. 

Growing demand for GPU compute from the mass proliferation of AI tools and services means no shortage of buyers on the platform. The greatest advantage of decentralized solutions is creating global marketplaces, which is precisely what Render (RNDR) has done- it has built a borderless GPU rendering network. 

Render (RNDR) started the year trading at roughly $3 and peaked several weeks ago above $13. All of this wealth creation has Render (RNDR) whales looking for a new project where they can put their profits to work, and on-chain data shows that DTX Exchange has become the leading choice.

DTX Exchange (DTX) Hybrid DeFi Trading Platform 

DTX Exchange (DTX) is a next-generation hybrid exchange delivering all the custodial benefits of DeFi but with all the horsepower of a centralized exchange. It has built a fully on-chain order book that provides an open and verifiable list of all buy and sell orders and uses Distributed Liquidity Pools that aggregate from capital across DeFi to provide the best possible execution for traders. 

Since their inception, on-chain trading solutions have been plagued by a lack of accessibility and variety, but with DTX Exchange, these problems have disappeared. The platform's decentralized custodial nature means anyone from anywhere can trade on it as long as they have crypto to collateralize. DTX’s platform features traditional equities, forex, contracts-for-differences (CFDs), and a wide array of altcoins. It is a haven for serious traders. 

Analysts forecast 25X returns before the end of 2024, and the value proposition is simple. During heightened market activity, the net winners are always trading platforms. More volatility means more trading volume, and with its broad array of assets and next-gen trading experience, DTX Exchange is poised to become a critical DeFi liquidity and trading hub. 

Investors who want to bet on DTX Exchange’s future success can participate in the presale today. Holding $DTX comes with a long list of benefits, including access to top-grade research helping any trader upgrade their PnL, reduced trading fees, and most importantly, exposure to the platform’s growth

DTX is currently in its first presale stage. To learn more about DTX, visit the DTX presale website or join the DTX community. 

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