Dogeverse Crypto Presale Now 50% Sold Out, Ends Soon - Next Big Meme Coin?

Dogeverse Crypto Presale Now 50% Sold Out, Ends Soon - Next Big Meme Coin?

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Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE) emerged as the hottest meme coin presale in April and so far, in the entirety of 2024. 

The project is raising money at an unprecedented speed. Its presale started on April 8, and as of April, Dogeverse has already managed to raise over $9 million on its website

With its hard cap set at $17 million, that means the potentially next big meme coin is now over 50% sold out. Its soft cap of $8.83 million was reached over the weekend, so the multichain meme project is set to go ahead.

Dogeverse Crypto Presale May End Soon

At this rate, the Dogeverse presale might be sold out within a couple of weeks, so anyone who has not joined so far is risking missing out on the chance to buy the token at its current price of $0.0003.

On April 20, the crypto community celebrated Doge Day, which appears to have brought a new wave of optimistic investors to the token and meme coins in general - Solana’s Bonk in particular moved up 40% over the weekend after the Bitcoin halving.

The hype surrounding DOGEVERSE has been building up, especially with major YouTube experts, such as 99Bitcoins, with 707k subscribers, predicting that the new meme coin could have up to 100x potential in a recent video.


Next Big Meme Coin?

Dogeverse is a unique cryptocurrency, even among meme coins. 

A lot of its popularity comes from the fact that this is another dog-based meme coin, just like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and other major names in the industry.

However, Dogeverse has the potential to go even bigger than any of its competitors due to its multichain nature. 

The project was designed to launch and run simultaneously on 6 different chains, including Ethereum, Solana, Base, BNB Chain, Avalanche, and Polygon. 

These are the largest and busiest blockchains in the industry, with the largest and most visited DEXes, and a massive number of projects. 

They also have highly developed ecosystems, including DeFi, NFTs, and more.

With Dogeverse having a presence on each of them right from the start, it will be a perfect crypto for easily transferring money between the chains. 

All of that comes in addition to it being a dog-based meme coin — a type of crypto that has historically recorded excellent performance in the crypto market.

However, even that is not all, as Dogeverse also plans to offer staking for its native token. It will allow token holders to lock up their cryptos and receive passive rewards over time. 

All of this put together could set $DOGEVERSE up to be the next big meme coin to watch, and its presale progress reflects that sentiment. 

As mentioned, the DOGEVERSE price currently sits at $0.0003, and its tokens can be purchased with ETH, USDT, and a range of other cryptos or via credit or debit card.

The Hype Around Dogeverse Continues

Another major crypto YouTuber with 11.5k subscribers, TodayTrader, predicted in a recent video that the new multichain meme coin has the potential for 1000x growth post-launch. 

Given the situation and overall extremely positive predictions from these experts, getting in as early as possible could be extremely beneficial.

Of course, investors should still remember that all investments come with a risk, and that goes double for cryptocurrencies. Even then, meme coins are often considered riskier than regular cryptocurrency, so make sure to do your own research before buying.

Meanwhile, you can also follow Dogeverse on X or Telegram to stay on top of all new developments and see the team’s announcements as soon as they are posted.

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