Chainlink & Stellar Investors Narrow in on Fezoo's Presale with Easter 10X Gain Rumors Seeming Increasingly Likely

Chainlink & Stellar Investors Narrow in on Fezoo's Presale with Easter 10X Gain Rumors Seeming Increasingly Likely

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Rumors surfaced during the Easter holiday that investments in Fezoo could result in 10X gains in a short time. This does not come as a surprise as experienced investors know that new, solid projects can easily result in substantial gains. Chainlink and Stellar investors are not leaving anything to chance as they have already begun buying Fezoo tokens during the Easter holiday.

Let’s explore why it makes sense for Chainlink and Stellar investors to catch the early bird in the Fezoo presale.

Whales Scoop Chainlink, Price Remains Muted

Deep-pocketed investors, usually referred to as whales in the crypto market, have shown a vote of confidence in Chainlink. This is after it was reported that whales are spending significant amounts of money as high as nearly $17 million buying Chainlink tokens. Whales usually influence the market with their buying or selling patterns and this particular move should augur well for the Chainlink community.

However, this has not done much to notably move the price of Chainlink. Chainlink is down 12.19% in the past month and is trading at $18.56 at the time of writing. Analysts argue that Chainlink is in the accumulation phase and could break out in the coming months.

Stellar: Life After Protocol 20 Upgrade

Stellar, a peer-to-peer decentralized network for cross-border payments, took a step in the right direction after implementing the Protocol 20 upgrade. The upgrade is a milestone achievement as it allows Stellar to make additional technical developments such as the Soroban smart contract interaction. This upgrade got Stellar investors excited in the hope that it would kickstart a price surge.

While Stellar has not performed on par with other major cryptocurrencies, it has done well in recent times. Stellar is up 25% in the past year as it trades at $0.1369 at press time. On the monthly chart, it is up 10%, indicating that it is picking up momentum.

Fezoo: 10X Gains are on the Horizon for Presale Investors

Investors have realized that Fezoo, an upcoming decentralized exchange set to revolutionize the DeFi space, is poised for 10X gains. The new exchange offers greater control, increased transparency and military grade security to traders. 

What sets Fezoo apart is its growing community of investors, traders and developers who want to see it succeed. Fezoo will mint a total of 500 million tokens, with 325 million earmarked for investors who want to buy the tokens during the ongoing presale. Each Fezoo can be bought for a low price of only $0.013 in stage 1.

Find out more about the Fezoo presale by visiting the website here.

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