Is XRP And TIA Becoming Worthless? If You're Looking For A Hot New Investment, Look No Further.

Is XRP And TIA Becoming Worthless? If You're Looking For A Hot New Investment, Look No Further.

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Are XRP and TIA becoming worthless? Maybe that was a little too harsh. One thing's for sure, though. Both Ripple and Celestia have lost significant appeal ever since reaching their respective peaks. Absurd XRP price prediction figures aside, Ripple is a far cry from its 2021 all-time highs, while Celestia is no longer the hot new investment it once was earlier this year. Instead, analysts are picking new AI crypto/meme coin hybrid Raboo as the next hot new investment primed for a 100x gain. Here's why.

XRP continues to be the worst laggard in top 10

XRP is, without a shadow of a doubt, the worst-performing crypto in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap. That's not FUD…that's just a fact. True to form, XRP continues to lag behind its top 10 counterparts, with its short jaunt to $0.77 last July a distant memory. XRP has lost virtually all the gains it made in 2024 as of May, trading at $0.52 as of press time. Investors looking for a hot new investment should steer FAR AWAY from XRP and the absurd XRP price prediction estimates that some deluded bagholders are shilling. Each time XRP has tried to break out, bears have routinely slaughtered the bulls—expect more of the same this year. Projects like Raboo are better positioned to outperform XRP price prediction figures in 2024. 

Celestia (TIA) trying to regain lost steam in May

TIA was one of the big gainers in the end of 2023 and early in 2024 after surging to all-time highs in February. While TIA is far from becoming worthless, it has lost a good deal of the early traction that sent it to high heavens in February. But in the face of new contenders competing for liquidity, TIA faces an uphill climb as it struggles to remain relevant. TIA trades at $9.21, a far cry from TIA's all-time high of $20.91 at its peak in Q1 2024. 

Raboo presale tipped as the hot new investment of 2024

Investors looking for the latest hot new investment of 2024 are zeroing in on new AI crypto/meme coin hybrid Raboo. Thus far, Raboo has raised over $1.3 million as of Stage 3 of its presale, thrilling prospective investors with its meme coin appeal, AI technology, and innovative SocialFi and post-to-earn incentives. Prospective investors can buy $RABT tokens at a low entry price of just $0.0042. Early investors will be in line for a 233% gain in token price increases before it launches—and a potential 100x after launching.

Raboo not only rewards holders who create and distribute content through its AI generator; it also features a vast ecosystem with NFTs, staking, and exclusive merch. Unlike most meme coins that come and go, Raboo doesn't live and die by hype—it's a self-propagating economy programmed to skyrocket in price in 2024 and beyond. 


XRP and TIA are no longer the hot new investment opportunities they were earlier in their life cycles. Instead, analysts are pointing to Raboo as the undisputed hot new investment of the year. Don't sit out the next 100x opportunity—join the Raboo presale today.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.



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