Top 3 Shiba Inu Alternative Meme Coins to Invest in March: BEFE, Dogwifhat and PEPE

Top 3 Shiba Inu Alternative Meme Coins to Invest in March: BEFE, Dogwifhat and PEPE

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The bull run has just started, and crypto assets are already breaking records. BTC hit its all-time high today, and several others are on their way to doing the same while their prices rise exponentially. Some of the assets with the most significant price spikes are meme coins, which combine meme-driven hype with fertile marketing conditions.

In fact, making massive profits can be as easy as investing in the right meme coin. Meme coin enthusiasts who have reaped the rewards this way would know how transformative SHIB was in transforming their investments into unbelievably high returns. 2021 saw SHIB investors converting modest investments into millions.

Speaking of SHIB's previous performance, its present performance is applaudable. The past few days have seen the asset achieve over $10 billion daily trading volumes. Its growth is in the green, too, as its price appreciations are doing better than predicted. Nevertheless, its large market cap and long-time existence as a meme coin segment leader may have already milked a chunk of its potential.

Investors might benefit more from dealing with newer meme coins, which can offer greater returns as they rise to the top.


BEFE is a relatively new asset, growing to become a top meme coin shortly as it continues outshining top crypto assets with its performance. It is only a new entrant to the meme coin ecosystem, yet it is making big moves thanks to its focus on solid utility and meme-based virality. The token generates massive virality and hype, like SHIB, by introducing a fresh face to meme coins, a character moving away from the overly utilized dog and frog personas.

This adorable character is affecting freshness to attract meme coin enthusiasts in droves, who are memeing the token to virality on social media platforms. With that, those who come to the token for its hype end up staying for the utility ingrained within its ecosystem – a staking application offering constant passive income to its users.

Thanks to those factors, BEFE is witnessing mass adoption and increasing its value immensely as bullish forces bless the crypto market. Experts expect the token to transform investments by at least 20x soon, with endless upsides.

Dogwifhat (WIF)

Another new asset, launched around the time as its predecessor on the list, WIF, has surpassed all expectations to grow by over 1000x in less than two months since its launch. The asset is changing hands at over $2.10, which is extremely impressive for a meme coin. Additionally, WIF's daily trading volume has crossed the $1 billion mark, showing traders' massive affinity towards this meme coin.

WIF has achieved all this, with the bull cycle only beginning. Thus, it has a lot of gas left in the tank and can expect to generate returns multiple times what it currently does in the coming months. Investors who got on the WIF bandwagon early have already witnessed their investments generate crazy returns, drawing parallels to SHIB's early performance. With 2024 expected to be an excellent year for crypto, it is never too late to buy, hold, and trade WIF.

Pepe (PEPE)

PEPE is a token that has already witnessed what WIF is experiencing now. And it has done so in the depths of last year's bear market. The meme coin was launched when the values of almost every asset were dipping, but PEPE held its own to come out victorious. Currently, PEPE is causing a lot of noise again as it overtook its high from last year and reached new heights, which it will continue doing.

That shows that the token has much more to offer despite already having grown to be in the top 3 meme coins. Its present rally shows that it can even outshine DOGE and SHIB to claim the first position. To put it into perspective, PEPE has grown over 13,500% in price since its launch short of a year ago.


SHIB is experiencing cutthroat competition this bull run as other meme coins look to offer higher returns. Although performing well, many investors are turning to those other assets for their increasingly attractive incentivization and their potential to overthrow SHIB from its place as the second-largest meme coin by market cap. Those interested in getting into meme coin holding and trading must know their options to profit efficiently beyond well-known assets like SHIB.

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