The Top 7 DeFi Coins To Buy and HODL for Maximum Profits in the 2024 Bull Cycle

The Top 7 DeFi Coins To Buy and HODL for Maximum Profits in the 2024 Bull Cycle

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Decentralized Finance, often referred to as simply DeFi, is quickly becoming one of the most important sectors of cryptocurrency. DeFi projects offer improved services compared to traditional banking and open up a world of possibilities previously closed to investors.

Many top crypto experts, the most notable being Michaël van de Poppe, have predicted that 2024 will be a breakout year for the DeFi market. This is why investors are on the lookout for the top DeFi projects to invest in.

The 7 Best DeFi Coins To Buy Right Now

While there are hundreds of DeFi coins in the market, we have narrowed the list to 7 of the best you should consider buying for the 2024 bull market.

1. KangaMoon (KANG): tops the decentralized cryptocurrency list with a revolutionary social-fi concept that has caught the attention of the crypto community.
2. Sui (SUI): built using delegated proof-of-stake consensus, Sui has become a top DeFicrypto as it offers fast, private, secure, and easily accessible digital ownership.
3. Avalanche (AVAX): capable of processing over 100,000 transactions per second, Avalanche is quickly rising the ranks of top DeFi projects.
4. Stacks (STX): this layer-1 blockchain brought smart contracts to the Bitcoin network, a trend that could change the face of Bitcoin.
5. Theta Network (THETA): is gaining popularity for merging artificial intelligence with DeFi to provide an even better experience.
6. Injective (INJ): created expressly to aid in the creation of sophisticated DeFi apps.
7. Sei (SEI): established to offer a foundation for the development of more secure and effective decentralized exchanges.

In-Depth Review of the Top 7 DeFi Coins To Buy in 2024

After learning which seven best DeFi coins to watch, let's examine the factors that will lead to these projects' substantial growth in 2024.

1. KangaMoon (KANG): The Hottest New DeFi Coin for 2024

Over the past few weeks, KangaMoon has made headlines because of its novel social-fi concept. Social-fi encourages user engagement, creating several opportunities to generate passive income via competitions, participating in events, and interacting with other users.

KangaMoon will feature weekly, monthly, and quarterly challenges and special giveaways for its users to earn $KANG and rewards. Social-fi aims to create a vibrant and inclusive community, particularly designed for meme coin enthusiasts.

Because of the wave of excitement it brings to the meme coin space, KangaMoon has emerged as one of the top DeFi coins. The price of KANG has already surged by 50% to hit $0.0075. However, it does not compare with the $0.50 price target top experts have set for the coin after its launch.

2. Sui (SUI): One of the Fastest Growing DeFi Coins

Sui (SUI) is one of the top projects that have been shaking up things in the DeFi market. Thanks to its advanced DeFi network, Sui has been growing at an incredible pace, with the total value locked on the network increasing by 40% over the last 30 days.

The Sui DeFi coin price has also been increasing alongside Kangamoon, gaining 25% over the same span. One of the best DeFi tokens to own in 2024 is $SUI, as the Sui network is expected to keep expanding.

3. Avalanche (AVAX): The Number One dApp Scaling Solution

Avalanche (AVAX) has been rising over the last few months, while not having had the same spectacular surge as Sui. The extremely scalable nature of the Avalanche network has played a significant role in its expansion.

Avalanche has the potential to soar in 2024 as a rival to Ethereum, which is just starting to emerge. Many cryptocurrency analysts believe that the DeFi price, which is currently at $40, may reach $100 before 2024.

4. Stacks (STX): Leading the Bitcoin DeFi Revolution

Smart contracts began on the Ethereum network, with Bitcoin lacking the feature for more than five years. Stacks became a top DeFi cryptocurrency for bringing this technology to the Bitcoin network.

With Bitcoin scheduled to have a halving event in 2024, crypto experts are bullish about the future of Stacks. This is one of the DeFi tokens that could see a 5x increase from its range at $3.

5. Theta Network (THETA): Merging DeFi and AI

Theta Network's integration of artificial intelligence and DeFi provides it an advantage over numerous other leading cryptocurrency projects.

Theta Network's pricing has been steadily rising since it partnered with EdgeCloud to gain AI usefulness. The predicted growth is that in 2024, THETA will rise from $2 to $10.

6. Injective (INJ): Top DeFi Coin for the TradeFi Market

One of the top DeFi coins in 2023 was Injective (INJ), which saw a gain of over 2,700%. The project gained notoriety because of its network, which is capable of supporting the next DeFiprotocols. The INJ coin is expected to continue rising in value in 2024 as the Injective network gathers traction.

7. Sei (SEI): Pushing the Boundaries of DeFi

Sei (SEI) is one of the new DeFi projects that is expected to cause a stir in the market because of its remarkable network infrastructure. On the other hand, Sei is application-specific. The design of the project strongly emphasizes attributes like speed and low expenses.

The DeFi pricing has increased significantly as a result of this focus's streamlined utilization. In the past year, the price of Sei has increased by over 11,000%, and in 2024, it might rise much further. 

What Are DeFi Coins?

DeFi coins, also known as decentralized finance coins, represent a financial innovation. Without the need for a centralized authority like banks, these coins give users access to functions like earning interest, lending, borrowing, purchasing insurance, and trading derivatives.

Why DeFi Coins Are Great Investment Options

DeFi coins are pushing innovation in the financial industry, thus becoming some of the most popular assets. Below are some of the top reasons why they are considered great investment options in 2024.

Passive Income

One of the best reasons to buy DeFi coins is that they provide opportunities for passive income through staking, liquidity provision, yield farming, and network engagement, as in the case of KangaMoon.

Future Proof Investments

The projects that fall under the DeFi umbrella are all focused on future developments. This also implies that devoting capital to such now provides you with a chance to position yourself at the forefront of the industry that will probably be a key player in the money and finance space in the future.

Potential for High Returns

DeFi coins hold the highest returns for investment because of their extreme fluctuation rate and potential for development. In the same way, the DeFi market is developing, but the assets are still very core, which implies more and more growth in the future beyond what the regular cryptocurrencies have.

Closing Thoughts

The DeFi coins market is apt for investors to put their funds in and thereby assume high returns during the 2024 bull cycle. Based on their features, KangaMoon, Sui, Avalanche, Stacks, Theta Network, Injective, and Sei are the best DeFi coins to invest in now.

With every coin gaining some good amount of profit in the year 2024, KANG is built on a revolutionary concept and could lead the 2024 bull market.

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