REXiO. The first meme that is not only cool but practical from the beginning.

REXiO. The first meme that is not only cool but practical from the beginning.

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Our Story is your story

We will tell you the story of Rexio, one of the most famous dogs ever. Rexio was born in 1967 as a real Children’s Bedtime Star figure. His analog time is at an end. Now, Rexio was a sweet little puppy, but now, Rexio is the new AI superhero clone who will build an education investing app for his society. That is the reason why Rexio will be the most famous and utility meme coin in the near future.

Rexio is similar to dogs like Doge and Shiba Inu in the meme coin world. But Rexio will bring you many more benefits other than speculative value. Firstly, Rexio is built on the Waves blockchain, which has yet to become popular but provides extremely cheap and fast transactions comparable to the Ripple network. The transfer fee is 0.001 Waves, a fraction of a dollar.

For comparison, the gas fee in ETH networks is several dollars or more. Rexio is supported by Pepe Bridge, MetaMask, and Ledger, so Its transactions will be much cheaper. This is the first project based on the latest technologies, including Web3.

Rexio creates the future

The idea to create a meme token that would be cool and practical was born almost a year ago. The hero prototype was chosen a few months ago, and we began working hard on creating the Rexio project.

 “We financed the first stage of Rexio using our own funds because we think it is fair. We wanted to give people a ready-made project with a concept for the future, around which we will build a common Rexio community together”, says the CEO of the project.

Rexio launched on March 19, 2024. Thus began the project’s second stage, in which the Rexio community participated. Estimating the current Rexio price at £0.00777, and assuming a forecast in the next stage above £0.08, assuming 100% hard security of tokens in circulation, the current market cap of Rexio will be approximately £1.84 billion, an absolute record. Rexio surpassed 5 million views on social media within a week.

Rexio App

Rexio’s stock exchange debut is scheduled for May 19, 2024. Sixty-one days from the start of the second stage of the project. Rexio’s mission is to build an intuitive application that will teach step-by-step how to invest effectively in stock exchanges and the cryptocurrency market. Rexio’s goal is to give financial freedom and independence to those who want to plan their professional lives independently. In the first part, users can learn the basics and then practice what they have learnt. The real icing on the cake will be the ability to play on the stock exchanges with the assistance of Rexio, a holographic AI character.

“Rexio is an absolute hit. All we need for complete success is a great community.” - said Michael, CEO Rexio, at the end of the conversation.

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