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Outlier Ventures Teams Up with peaq to Launch the DePIN Base Camp Accelerator

Outlier Ventures Teams Up with peaq to Launch the DePIN Base Camp Accelerator

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Outlier Ventures will launch the DePIN Base Camp accelerator program it developed in collaboration with peaq. The project will focus on supporting early-stage Web3 founders building decentralized applications for the real world.

Outlier Ventures, the world’s leading Web3 accelerator, today announced the DePIN Base Camp accelerator program launch in partnership with peaq – the layer-1 blockchain for DePINs and Machine RWAs. The program begins in May 2024 and focuses on supporting early-stage Web3 founders building on all blockchains.

Supporting Early Stage Web3 Start-up Founders

On March 13, Outliers Ventures, the global Web3 accelerator, announced the launch of a DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) Base Camp accelerator program. The program was developed in collaboration with peaq, the layer-1 blockchain for real-world applications. The DePIN Base Camp will begin in May 2024, lasting for 12 weeks and will see teams receive investments of up to $200,000 USD.

The Base Camp’s goal is to support the best Web3 start-up founders across the globe to build applications, products and protocols utilizing digital networks, decentralized infrastructure, data services, and more.

The 12-week virtual accelerator programs include workshops with subject matter experts from Outlier Ventures and peaq’s group of core builders. The Base Camp provides mentorship from industry experts and investments of up to $200,000 USD. The Base Camp accelerator program will wrap up with a virtual Demo Day to grant the participating projects more visibility.

Applications are now open, closing in April 2024, and the program starts in May 2024.

DePINs Explained

DePINs, or Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks, leverage tokens to crowdsource real-world infrastructure, including smart sensors and Web 3 access points. DePIN projects have become mainstream and are breaking through the digital resource ceiling. DePINs are rapidly expanding into other fields, such as telecoms, technology and so much more, currently dominated by centralized companies. In its thesis, Outlier Ventures explains how the momentum at which DePINs are expanding and the promise of a tectonic shift present an opportune moment to disrupt current business models that provide services generated by physical resources or infrastructure.

Benjamin Meyer, Chief Product Officer for Outlier Ventures, commented:

“DePIN is breaking new ground, extending its reach from digital resources into data/ IoT and social platforms as it becomes more widely adopted.”


“We are really excited to be collaborating with peaq to launch the DePIN Base Camp Accelerator program, bringing our collective expertise to support founders building scalable ventures and addressing real-world needs.” 

Outlier Ventures and peaq In-House Experts Will Offer Support and Industry Know-How

The DePIN Base Camp accelerator program brings together a group of Web3 start-ups focused on unlocking the unrivalled potential of DePINs. The project aims to equip promising DePIN projects with the support and know-how they need to provide a Web3 alternative to the incumbents in real-world industries such as data collection, distributed computation, and connectivity.

The program is open to founders building across all blockchains. However, participating start-ups will have the opportunity to leverage peaq’s DePIN-focused layer-1 blockchain, its Modular DePIN Functions, and its sister network, krest.

Throughout the course of the program, Outliers Ventures, along with peaq’s team of in-house experts, will provide tailored support to each start-up’s needs. Industry experts will support teams across various segments, including data networks, decentralized digital infrastructure networks, data/IOT (Internet of Things), service networks, infrastructure and tooling, AI-enable UX, and decentralized AI models.

Since 2017, peaq’s founding team have been working on what is today known as DePINs. This team will also provide participants with expertise in all aspects of DePIN building and operations, starting with architecture, core business modelling, and incentive mechanisms.

DePIN is the most exciting Web3 sector. It’s what everyone’s been waiting for — real-world use. Blockchain-based applications that anyone can use and want to use,” said peaq co-founder Max Thake.

Thake further commented on the program, saying:

“It’s promising to see well-respected, forward-thinking Web3 investors in Outlier Ventures recognize its potential so early on. We’re thrilled to be collaborating on this, helping launch projects that will have a big, tangible, positive real-world impact not long from now. peaq was purpose-built to power DePINs, so we’re looking forward to providing the best possible network for the next generation of visionary DePIN founders.” 

Beyond the expertise of Outlier Ventures and peaq’s in-house team, participants will receive further support from subject matter experts on core aspects, including product roadmap, community building, and entity structuring. To help in their future fundraising efforts, participants will be furnished with direct access and support from a network of leading mentors and investors in the Web3 industry.

Upon completing the program, founders will participate in a virtual Demo Day to enhance their visibility within the wider Web3 investor community.

DePIN Base Camp applications open today and will close in April 2024. The 12-week program commences in May 2024.

About Outlier Ventures

Founded in 2014 by Jamie Burke, Outlier Ventures is the world’s leading Web3 accelerator, renowned as the go-to authority for Web3 founders, investors and partners.

Boasting a portfolio of over 300 start-ups from every region worldwide, along with its accelerator program Base Camp and token launch advisory Ascent, Outlier Ventures has helped raise over $350 million in seed funding across its various accelerator programs. Outlier Ventures portfolio includes leading Web3 companies, including Agoric, Biconomy, Boson Protocol, Brave, Cheqd, Cudos, DIA Data,, Futureverse, Ocean Protocol, and Secret Network

Outlier Ventures has partnered with global industry protocol leaders, including Aptos, Filecoin/IPFS, NEAR, Polkadot Polygon and Wormhole, along with leading international brands to design bespoke programs that help refine business strategy, product-market fit, community growth, token design, governance as well as investor and mentor networks.

About peaq

peaq is the blockchain for real-world applications. The peaq layer-1 blockchain enables anyone to build DePINs for car-sharing, street-mapping, noise pollution tracking, internet access, and so much more. On peaq, robots, vehicles, and other connected devices become real-world assets (RWAs) -  independent economic actors providing goods and services in the Economy of Things.  

peaq works alongside industry-leading consortia such as Gaia-x moveID, a €20+ million project led by Bosch, co-creating the future of smart mobility, energy, connectivity, and other critical real-world industries.

By empowering everyone to own, govern, and earn from the devices and infrastructure they use, peaq is democratizing abundance in the time of AI-driven automation.

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