Envelop collateralized derivatives in the Blast ecosystem

Envelop collateralized derivatives in the Blast ecosystem

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Since the advent of uncollateralized derivatives, the global financial system has continually faced liquidity crises as if they were embedded in the design of modern economies. 

On the other hand, the decentralized finance market often uses overcollateralized protocols, which reduces capital efficiency.

Envelop offers a solution to these weaknesses, by creating a new tool that combines collateral and transactional reputation.

The Envelop protocol allows you to add different types of assets as collateral: both coins and tokens. For example, in the Blast network you can easily add ETH, wETH or USDB and set up operational conditions such as timelocks (expiration time) or on-chain royalties (revenue sharing).

By adding collateral to soul-bound tokens (SBT), Envelop expands the reach of transactional reputation. In this case, we can talk about dynamic SBTs, which are still non-transferable, but the collateral inside them in the form of ERC-20 tokens can change, for example, depending on the credit rating of the lending protocol. There may be many such traits of an SBT and, consequently, of a user.

Derivatives created using the Envelop Protocol are NFTs that are fully compliant with ERC-721, EPC-1155. 

NFTs that are beyond ordinary pictures in their application are generally categorized as NFT2.0. This industry has been around for a long time since the first NFT lending protocols and Uniswap v3 LP-NFT. You can find such projects on an aggregator

The NFT2.0 ecosystem for the Blast blockchain is presented below


Envelop has provided a trustless open source protocol that you can try on any of the 14 supported blockchains. Using the protocol is absolutely free and moreover, you can even earn on it. To do this, simply wrap your liquidity in the Blast network. All points and multipliers distributed by the Blast ecosystem will be shared proportionally among users of the Envelop Protocol. The points earned by the protocol can be seen in the application header. Right now, all points awarded to the app are displayed.  As soon as Blast updates the API, it may be possible to display points earned by a specific user.


Listing on the Blast points accounting dashboard is a  quest that Envelop is working on. Regardless of hitting the dashboard, points will be counted and later distributed.

DAO Envelop is ready to distribute 100% of points to active users. Additionally, users who add the most collateral to the wNFT derivatives created on Blast will receive bonuses after the airdrop is complete.

DYOR NFT2.0 with Envelop

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