DeeStream (DST) Streaming Triumph: Attracts Ripple (XRP) Whale While Ethereum (ETH) Hits $3.5K in Crypto Surge

DeeStream (DST) Streaming Triumph: Attracts Ripple (XRP) Whale While Ethereum (ETH) Hits $3.5K in Crypto Surge

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Every crypto investor is attracted by novelty. Uniqueness is critical to success in the crypto market because most altcoins tend to have similar features. For crypto tokens to succeed in the crypto market, they must be able to guarantee not only profits but long-lasting sustainable investment yields.

This assurance is what DeeStream (DST) provides. Its emergence in the crypto market coincides with its stratospheric rise in the streaming space. For holders of relatively successful cryptocurrencies like Ripple (XRP), investing in DeeStream (DST) offers an opportunity to diversify their investments and achieve more financial stability.

DeeStream (DST) is not the only crypto asset dominating the trends. Ethereum (ETH), a well-established cryptocurrency, is also trending as it surges past $3.5k.

Big Ripple (XRP) Whales Buys DeeStream (DST) Presales

Ripple (XRP) has seen some significant value surges in the last year. Last month, Ripple (XRP) had a 24% rise, and in the last 7 days, it has seen a 14% surge in value. Some Ripple (XRP) holders and new investors look at these figures as promising signs to hold or buy more Ripple (XRP) tokens.

Nonetheless, big Ripple (XRP) investors are turning their eyes towards a new crypto token, DeeStream (DST). DeeStream (DST) is more than a token. It's a Web3 streaming platform with a fully decentralized structure that grants investors who buy its utility token, DST, control of the entire platform.

It's currently gaining a lot of traction in the crypto market and amongst popular streamers, with seasoned analysts predicting that the DeeStream (DST) token will become a blue-chip cryptocurrency in no time. Ripple (XRP) holders don't want to miss the chance to invest early in DeeStream (DST).

The Impact of the Ethereum (ETH) Surge

Ethereum (ETH) is the second most important cryptocurrency in the market. Every Ethereum (ETH) rise or dip always has a massive effect on the rest of the market, trickling down to altcoins and other crypto investors. Ethereum's (ETH)  recent surge past the $3.5k mark has been dominating crypto conversations, with some analysts predicting another surge and others evaluating the Ethereum's (ETH) impact on investors.

It's no doubt that Ethereum (ETH) investors are elated as Ethereum (ETH) is set to reward long-term holders with massive profits. Its current $3.5k price makes it difficult to buy more Ethereum (ETH) now. This proves that early investors always get the most gains.

DeeStream (DST); Its Token and Its Triumph

DeeStream (DST) has passed its audit. It's at its first presale stage, with the DeeStream (DST) token priced at only $0.04. DeeStream (DST) is already attracting multiple investors in the crypto market.

Some Ripple (XRP) investors are calling DeeStream (DST) the crypto YouTube. They're not wrong. However, DeeStream is a better iteration of any traditional streaming platform.

It creates a highly inclusive environment where streamers and their fans can connect unencumbered by fear of arbitrary restrictions or the dread of being de-platformed. Even Ethereum (ETH) investors are becoming increasingly interested. The DeeStream (DST) trend has left a mark, its triumph has left a trail— investors have seen it and are rushing in.

Find out more about DeeStream’s (DST) presale by visiting the website here

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