Bitgert Coin's Phenomenal Growth: A Potential Challenger to Solana and Ethereum

Bitgert Coin's Phenomenal Growth: A Potential Challenger to Solana and Ethereum

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You rarely find an altcoin challenging top cryptos offering utility, like Solana and Ethereum. When you find one, like this new investors’ favorite, it's only right to review what powers them, their comparative edge, and why Solana and Ethereum investors believe they are potential challengers.  

Solana (SOL) Faces Price Correction 

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) recent price fall affected Solana (SOL). The selling frenzy in the Solana ecosystem pushed Solana into deep price correction. At press time, Solana has declined to the support price level of $164. 

However, Solana might hit price recovery soon if this support level holds. The $164 support has a fair chance to restore buying momentum and end Solana’s price correction. But, should Solana bulls fail to maintain that level, Solana might fall to $120 as its new support price level.

This uncertainly explains why Solana investors have turned their attention to a new rocketing option. 

Ethereum Nears Potential 10% Price Fall

It's been a bearish momentum for Ethereum recently as Ethereum price plunged below the most crucial Fibonacci retracement price level. With 61.8% at $3,365 and leaning towards the 50% Fibonacci placeholder at $3,137, Ethereum price prediction doesn't appear promising. 

Ethereum experts predict a 10% fall in ETH price to roughly $3,013 before buying momentum is back. But, should the bulls raise the buying frenzy, Ethereum price could rise again.

Any positive change in Ethereum price would also inspire the late bulls to buy Ethereum (ETH). With the expected buying craze to follow, Ethereum's price might jump above $4,105. The price increase for Ethereum (ETH) would be 25% over the present range.

Why are Ethereum and Solana Investors Making Bitgert Coin Their New Favorite?

Bitgert coin has been on such an impressive run that it's giving top names like Ethereum and Solana a challenging chase. This momentum is said to be thanks to certain important features. 

First is the aggressive burning by a buyback mechanism. This move is unmatched even by Ethereum and Solana. It lowers the amount of BRISE tokens in circulation significantly. The demand increase and supply reduction create value-adding scarcity for the crypto.

Other motivations include the close-to-zero gas fees on Bitgert’s BRC20 blockchain, the strong community support, staking rewards for BRISE holders, strategic partnerships, increasing adoption, and the rocketing BEFE meme coin with over 500% rise in the past year.

Currently valued at a mere $0.0000002633, experts believe Bitgert is yet to reveal its massive potential. However, with a $104 million market cap and various motivations, this rocketing crypto is set for takeoff to the moon. 

Get on board now for sky-high gains by buying Bitgert.

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