Binance Coin And Ethereum Drop in Value After Hitting New Yearly-Highs; Milei Moneda Goes For Huge Gains

Binance Coin And Ethereum Drop in Value After Hitting New Yearly-Highs; Milei Moneda Goes For Huge Gains

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● Binance Coin’s slump will set BNB for a price pump later in the year.
● Ethereum dips after mass investor sell-offs.
● Political meme coin Milei Moneda is one of the best coins to invest in this year, with its 100% ROI potential.

It's been a while since Bitcoin’s pump sent the top altcoins to new heights in terms of token value and market cap. With the bull run waning, Binance Coin (BNB) and Ethereum (ETH) are undergoing some price corrections. The top DeFi coins have dropped their double-digit price pump in the last seven days, and investors are selling out on BNB and ETH tokens to hop on the new meme coin, Milei Moneda ($MEDA).

Economize Like Milei: Invest in $MEDA!

Binance Coin Gets Positive Reviews Despite Losing Its Double-Digit Spike

BNB has dropped its double-digit streak in the past seven days, especially after the Nigerian government slapped a fine on Binance Coin. This follows the $4.3 billion fine on BinanceCoin by the US Department of Treasury last year, and BNB has been taking quite the hit lately.

On crypto news last week, the VC firm Binance Labs was detached from the Binanceexchange. This led to a sharp decline in BNB’s value, as Binance Coin dipped merely hours after the announcement. Bitcoin's pump pushed most top crypto coins into profits in mid-February, but BNB is suffering a price correction after a poor run of off-the-charts events.

BNB reached its highest valuation last month. While BNB is still about 16% off achieving that right now, BNB bulls are mounting a pullback for the top DeFi coin this month. Solanahas recently surpassed the token among the top crypto coins, but you can bet the BNB comeback will be soon and swift.

Ethereum Price Slump: Dencun Upgrade or Investor Sellout?

The Dencun upgrade has marked a period of massive loss on the Ethereum network, as the ETH token went down by over 11% last week. ETH closed the week at around 32% lower than its two-year high.

Many pointed out that the reduced fees on Ethereum L2 chains caused ETH’s dip. While the Dencun upgrade implementation might have contributed to it, the main cause is the mass sell-offs from Ethereum investors. SpotonChain tracked the activities of three ETH traders who sold a combined $95.7 million worth of ETH tokens in less than a day, racking in about $39 million.

With such profits at stake, it's not a surprise that many traders are selling their Ethereum deposits even with Bitcoin’s halving on the horizon. Can Ethereum recover from the loss in time for the big event? Experts aren’t so sure, which is why you can write off ETH for massive gains this year.

Milei Moneda Promises Steady Profits, Along With Loads of Crypto Fun

The meme coin sector is famous for keeping the humor alive in the crypto-verse and being the best crypto for beginners. However, a lack of real-life utility makes them poor investment choices, but you don't have to worry about that on Milei Moneda.

Even while Milei Moneda is big on maintaining the meme coin culture, it is not putting all its eggs in the social media influence basket. On the one hand, $MEDA will influence politics to allow global adoption of cryptocurrencies while creating the perfect DeFi ecosystem on Milei Moneda.

The community is central to the development of Milei Moneda, and some 15% of the $MEDA token supply is locked up for future projects. $MEDA hodlers qualify as members of the community, and they will suggest and approve only the best proposals as features on Milei Moneda.

Smart contracts are already in the audit phase, and before long, we will see Milei Moneda'sprojects that will compete with even the best DeFi projects in the crypto-verse.

There's only one way into the Milei Moneda community. Join the presale–it’s only in Stage 1–and get your $MEDA coins for $0.010 today!

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