The new gaming web3 gem supported by Ubisoft, aiming for 100 million players to protect the environment

The new gaming web3 gem supported by Ubisoft, aiming for 100 million players to protect the environment

Bordeaux, France, February 20th, 2024, Chainwire

My Lovely Planet, backed by gaming giants such as Ubisoft and Unity, aims to bring together a community of 100 million players for a concrete environmental impact. This French startup is revolutionizing gaming and web3, aiming to save the planet by bringing together a community of 100 million players for a concrete environmental impact

'My Lovely Planet': Expertise Meets Innovation

My Lovely Planet is a mobile free-to-play game to be launched in 2021 by a French startup of the same name. At the helm is Clément Le Bras, a 34-year-old Mines Paristech engineer and seasoned entrepreneur, who has enlisted the services of 12 seasoned experts.

The team includes luminaries such as the art director and game designer of the famous studio King that created the Candy Crush Saga. The project has already attracted the interest of industry giants Ubisoft and Unity, which are sponsoring the project.

Fun gameplay to raise ecological awareness

My Lovely Planet offers a free experience on iOS and Android, inviting players to create their own island paradise, inspired by the style of Animal Crossing. The major innovation lies in the fact that every action taken by players has a tangible, measurable impact on the environment.

Whether it's planting a tree or cleaning up ocean waste on their virtual island, players trigger funding for equivalent ecological initiatives in the real world. For example, when the player plants a tree in the game, My Lovely Planet plants a tree in real life. “This unique approach strengthens the link between game and reality, offering an immersive experience focused on environmental responsibility,” explains Clement Le Bras, founder of the game. 

In terms of gameplay, the game is a match3 puzzle game. It’s the most famous game genre on mobile gaming with hits like Candy Crush. The aim is to attract a wide range of players, from casual gamers to fierce competition enthusiasts, creating a diverse and committed community.

100 million players to save the planet

Driven by a virtuous vision, My Lovely Planet aims to build a massive community of 100 million players by 2030! 

This ambition is guided by a clear and impactful mission:

  • Plant 1 billion trees,
  • Clean up 1 million tonnes of plastic waste in the oceans,
  • Contribute financially to saving 50,000 endangered animal species.

These are certainly titanic goals, but those goals are realistic given the global mobile gaming market, estimated at $102 billion. In France alone, 71% of 18-24 year-olds are regular smartphone gamers.

To carry out these actions in the real world, My Lovely Planet has partnered with trusted and internationally renowned NGOs such as Sea Shepherd, the SPA, and Eden Reforestation.

Renowned partners to boost credibility

Two gaming giants currently back My Lovely Planet:

This prestigious association and unique concept attracts top talent, with a development team comprising 12 professionals, including veterans from the studio that created Candy Crush.

The support of these major industry players has enabled My Lovely Planet to raise 2 million euros from renowned investors.

Momentum already building

In beta-testing since mid-2022, the game has already gathered an impressive community of 20,000 monthly active users. The impact of the concept is particularly evident on social networks, notably with an audience of 550,000 subscribers on TikTok, where My Lovely Planet shares the challenges taken up by players, such as tree planting and beach clean-ups.

The results of these efforts are already visible: 70,000 trees have been planted in Madagascar. The aim is to multiply these achievements 15-fold by the end of the year, thanks to the game's new features, in anticipation of a global roll-out in 2024.

A win-win model around a green crypto

My Lovely Planet has developed its cryptocurrency, the My Lovely Coin or MLC, with a win-win logic dedicated to the common good. The My Lovely Coin will be at the heart of the game's economy as it will be the main currency of the game. Thus, the success of the My Lovely Coin token is directly associated with the success of the game.

Part of the MLC in circulation is even allocated to an environmental treasury, acting as an investment fund dedicated to environmental projects. Its potential is considerable, aiming to become the world's largest fund to defend the climate and biodiversity.

At the convergence of mobile gaming and decentralized finance, this innovation introduced by My Lovely Planet could bring about lasting changes in economic models, while having a significant impact on our planet.

'My Lovely Planet'- Game-Changing Impact

with its captivating and ethical gameplay, My Lovely Planet could mark the beginning of a new era for the video game and web3 industry. Its virtuous model highlights the potential of video games to raise awareness of ecological issues among new generations.

The initiative aims to reconcile the world of gaming with the aspirations of a greener society, aspiring for My Lovely Planet to create the largest engaged community for planet protection through gaming. Users are encouraged to stay tuned to this adventure.

About My Lovely Planet

My Lovely Planet, developed by Imagine in France, is not just a game; it's a mission-driven endeavor that has earned the "Unity for Humanity" award for its commitment to creating a fairer and more sustainable world. Founded by Clément Le Bras, a social entrepreneur and Mines ParisTech alumnus known for launching the philanthropic search engine, which has donated over 5 million euros to global causes, My Lovely Planet sets ambitious goals for 2030: planting 1 billion trees, cleaning up 1 million tonnes of ocean waste, and protecting 50,000 threatened species to foster biodiversity and animal welfare.

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