Solana (SOL) Challenger Set to Reach $16 in 2024, Currently Trading at Just $0.01

Solana (SOL) Challenger Set to Reach $16 in 2024, Currently Trading at Just $0.01

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The cryptocurrency market has seen incredible growth over the past few years. In particular, Solana (SOL) has emerged as one of the leading blockchain platforms, captivating developers and users with its high transaction speeds and low fees. However, a new challenger by the name of Pandoshi (PAMBO) is aiming to give Solana a run for its money. 

Introducing Pandoshi (PAMBO)

Pandoshi is a community-driven cryptocurrency project inspired by the ideals of Satoshi Nakamoto. At its core, Pandoshi champions decentralization, privacy, and monetary freedom. 

The project aims to build an ecosystem of decentralized products, with key offerings like its PandaChain blockchain, PandoshiSwap decentralized exchange (DEX), and Pandoshi Wallet. PandaChain uses innovative technologies like zkEVM to enable privacy and scalability on an EVM-compatible chain.

Meanwhile, the PandoshiSwap DEX and crypto debit cards support the deflationary PAMBO token through buyback-and-burn mechanisms. These help drive value for PAMBO holders over time by reducing the circulating supply.

Bullish Price Outlook for 2024

Pandoshi is currently in the final presale phase before launch, with the price per PAMBO sitting at $0.01. The phase has already raised over $1 million out of a $3.5 million goal, selling 31% of the supply so far.

Once listed on major centralized exchanges (CEXes) like Binance and Coinbase, as well as Uniswap DEX, the demand and scarcity generated from the presale are likely to drive PAMBO's price higher. 

Some key factors that could push PAMBO to $16 in 2024 include:

  • Aggressive community marketing and growth post-launch

  • Real-world adoption from Pandoshi's crypto debit cards 

  • Deflationary tokenomics reducing the circulating supply

  • Speculation and hype amongst crypto investors

Mirroring famous meme coin rallies, Pandoshi could easily reach $16 by the end of 2024, a huge upside for early presale participants.

How Pandoshi Compares to Solana

As a new Layer 1 blockchain aimed at prioritizing scalability, privacy, and decentralization, Pandoshi offers some competitive advantages over Solana.


- Solana currently handles up to 65,000 TPS

- Targeting similar transaction speeds, Pandoshi could rival Solana


- Solana fees around $0.00025 per transaction 

- As a community-focused project, Pandoshi is likely to maintain low, competitive fees


- Solana has over 400 projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, etc.

- Pandoshi’s ecosystem includes metaverse, swaps, Web 3 wallet, and more to foster its own growth


- Solana relies on a permissioned validator model  

- Pandoshi uses community governance and a permissionless POS model

With high speed, low fees, and true decentralization, Pandoshi could offer a viable alternative to Solana over the coming years. Its alignment with community interests may also give it an advantage in driving organic adoption over the long-term.


As a new but rapidly developing project, Pandoshi has bold plans to foster decentralization and bring crypto's benefits to the masses. With backing from a passionate community, plus deflationary tokenomics and major exchange listings on the horizon, 2024 could prove a breakout year for PAMBO. 

Achieving a potential 1000x price increase to $16 is well within reason if momentum continues post-launch. Ultimately, Pandoshi has an opportunity to directly challenge leading platforms like Solana. By delivering competitive speed, low fees, and true decentralization, Pandoshi may capture a significant market share by 2024 at the expense of SOL.

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