New Crypto Priced at $0.04 Becomes Magnet for Chainlink and Polygon (MATIC)

New Crypto Priced at $0.04 Becomes Magnet for Chainlink and Polygon (MATIC)

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Bitcoin, now famously known for its rise back to $50,000, started from humble beginnings, as it was modestly priced at $0.2 in 2010, its impressive returns, coupled with the fact that many people entered quite late, have led a number of competitor into its alternatives, such as ChainLink and Polygon. With Bitcoin starting 2024 on a great note, one would expect many of these coins to follow suit, but it has not been the case. This has led investors to seek newer projects with strong infrastructure and still in their early stages. One of such projects is Algotech ALGT.

Polygon: Little Yield Amongst Huge Bullish Run

Since the beginning of 2024, the crypto market has witnessed a significant bullish trend, with Bitcoin (BTC) surpassing the $40K milestone and currently standing at $51k, marking yet another remarkable achievement. 

However, not all altcoins experienced substantial gains during this period, including Polygon. Despite showing a modest 7% increase in price over the past week and a 2% uptick in 24 hours, Polygon (MATIC) has struggled to surpass the $1 mark. This inability to break out of its current range has dampened investor confidence.

As a result, investors are now turning their attention to new launches, with Algotech (ALGT) garnering significant interest.

Chainlink: Losses as a result of Theft leaves a lot of Investors with little confidence.

The theft of about $900,000 LINKS earlier this year still hurts a lot of investors financially. The attack has been labeled as one of the biggest security breaches in the crypto sphere this year. This intrusion not only led to substantial financial losses but also sparked serious doubts regarding the security protocols and investor trust within the Chainlink (LINK) ecosystem. 

As a result of this, a lot of concerns about the safety of their investments have prompted them to seek alternative options with stronger security measures. But the incident has severely dented investor confidence, casting a cloud of uncertainty over the asset’s future prospects. And now many of the investors are seeking to settle down in different projects, one of which is Algotech $ALGT. 

Algotech: Presale Keeps Getting More Investors Excited 

Algotech (ALGT) has emerged as a prominent player in the crypto scene, gaining traction as its presale gathers momentum, commencing at $0.04 per token in Stage 1. Following a remarkable private seed sale that amassed $1.1 million in just 48 hours, with over 55 million tokens sold, expectations are high for the DeFi coin's price to soar to $0.15 by the conclusion of the presale. And as a result, early investors stand to reap a lucrative 275% return on investment.

The buzz surrounding Algotech (ALGT) presale goes beyond potential profits. Algotech (ALGT) presale also brings forth an exclusive giveaway, tempting participants with an unmatched, comprehensive crypto trading and networking bundle. The top prize boasts the latest iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, enhancing the winner’s trading journey.

As an added bonus, the fortunate winner will also receive two VIP tickets to the highly anticipated Blockchain Life 2024 event, ensuring an immersive and educational experience in the realm of blockchain and crypto.

If you are an investor, this a golden opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss. 

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