New Crypto Launch ‘Frogwifhat’ Attracts Memecoin Investors, Trends On DEXScreener

New Crypto Launch ‘Frogwifhat’ Attracts Memecoin Investors, Trends On DEXScreener

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The last few weeks have seen a surge in interest in memecoins within the Solana ecosystem, with dogwifhat standing out as one of the favourites. 

Introducing a fresh twist on this theme is Frogwifhat (FWIF), a new crypto launch touted as potentially the next dogwifhat sensation.

Despite scepticism around the viability of "wifhat" tokens compared to the success of projects within the DOGE ecosystem, the surge in value Frogwifhat experienced following its launch on Uniswap appears to have silenced the doubters.

Introducing New Crypto Frogwifhat

Diverging from the norm of conducting lengthy presales, FWIF made a bold entry into the memecoin arena with a direct launch. The token's value skyrocketed on short notice, hitting a multi million dollar market cap.

FWIF currently sits at around a $1.8 million FDV, flipping the 0.0018 level to support after a 200% bounce from the lows.

Investors in this new crypto project might draw parallels to the rapid success dogwifhat experienced within just a few weeks - up over 30% today and sitting at an almost $750 million FDV.

Frogwifhat's direct launch received significant backing from the broader memecoin community, lending credence to its initial price surge. However, it's typically the project and its utilities that dictate price sustainability post-launch hype.

As of now, the Frogwifhat website has not outlined many utility-based features, other than hinting at staking rewards. Currently, the project's appeal seems to be primarily driven by its theme and meme-centric concept. 

Frogwifhat, true to its name, showcases a frog donning a beret and clutching a baguette as its mascot. The theme aims to infuse a European flair, a motif that is prominently displayed across the website.

‘Always carrying a baguette, often grumpy or drunk, frequently chain-smoking whilst displaying a deep disdain for Americans, 'e's crypto's moodiest toad’ is how the frog-mascot has been described. 

The entire supply of the new meme coin project, totalling 1 billion tokens, is now in circulation. Details about the roadmap are sparse, but an upcoming feature includes a bridge to Solana, signaling an important development for the project. 

The homepage features an image of the French-styled frog striking a dog with a baguette, a depiction the community interprets as the project's ambition to not only catch up with but potentially surpass dogwifhat. 

Launched on the Ethereum blockchain, the introduction of a Solana bridge could significantly enhance the project's visibility, especially considering the recent surge in popularity of Solana-based memecoins.

Given that the dogwifhat project is currently valued at just under $750 million, should Frogwifhat achieve a similar trajectory of growth, if FWIF can catch up to WIF that’d mean an over 400x rise.

Achieving such an exponential price increase is a goal that the memecoin community consistently pursues. This pursuit is reflected in the project's continuous rise in engagement across various social media channels and major crypto publication websites.

Multiple crypto Youtubers have already been talking about it, with Zach Humphries saying that the project has an interesting narrative

Crypto Gains is another YouTuber to have covered this crypto and has commented on its stealth launch.  

More recently ClayBro and Crypto Zeus have also covered the new crypto launch.

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Where To Buy Frogwifhat (FWIF)

At the time of writing, the only platform offering support for purchasing the newly launched token is the Uniswap DEX. 

There have been no confirmed announcements about potential listings on other exchanges yet, however, the increasing attention FWIF is receiving makes it reasonable to assume that it might eventually be listed on some major CEXes.

In the meantime, investors interested in acquiring the tokens can visit the official website, which provides a direct link to the Uniswap page for purchasing, or use DEXScreener.

To ensure they don't miss out on any significant updates or developments, investors can also join the community through the project's X (formerly Twitter) and Telegram social media channels.


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