Near Protocol (NEAR) holders buy up DeeStream (DST), while Bitcoin Cash (BCH) holders think 50x possible in presale

Near Protocol (NEAR) holders buy up DeeStream (DST), while Bitcoin Cash (BCH) holders think 50x possible in presale

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Near Protocol (NEAR) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) holders have been looking forward to a positive year in 2024, and to some extent, they have experienced this. Near Protocol (NEAR) has improved its position tracing back to nearly two months ago, while Bitcoin Cash (BCH) also records some good price action but most of these are well below expectations. Both tokens could still grow well this year, but the most optimistic predictions say 4x at best.

The search for alternative investments has led many token holders to this project that is expected to do 50x this year – yet it is still in its presale. Find out about DeeStream (DST) and why investors are getting into the project right now.

Near Protocol (NEAR) rising with the market

With much of the market growing, Near Protocol (NEAR) is expected to register similar gains. Near Protocol NEAR fell below $3 in the last week of January, trading as low as $2.5 at a point. February has been somewhat better for Near Protocol (NEAR), even though it took a few days to shake off declining trends from the previous month. Near Protocol (NEAR) rises by 12% in 7-day charts and could rise further.

Big gains for Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

While it may not be as big as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is enjoying the market boom. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) enters the second half of February at $273 with momentum that could take it to $280 by the end of next week. In just a week, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has seen gains of up to 8%, with intra-week trading volumes also rising. Interestingly, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) also went as high as $290 on Valentine's Day, which we're sure the token holders would have loved.

50x or more for DeeStream (DST)

For those who love big gains and streaming, DeeStream (DST) could be the perfect project. It combines live-streaming and cryptocurrencies to create the best possible experience. Users can make crypto while they stream content on the platform.

DeeStream (DST) will ensure more equitable revenue distribution to creators who sign up on the platform. Unlike other platforms with unfair sharing formulas and fees that reduce streamers' earnings, DeeStream (DST) will reward streamers appropriately for their input. It will also offer fewer interruptions and restrictions on content on the platform, which will allow creators to be more free.

The mode of payment on DeeStream (DST) will be cryptos so users can pay in many ways. It will also ensure streamers get their money immediately after they request it. Users will also pay less for deposits and withdrawals on DeeStream (DST).

The impressive growth potential of DeeStream (DST) makes a 50x rise very likely. This promises great returns from even one unit of DeeStream (DST) which costs only in its stage one presale $0.035. Smart investors will not miss this great opportunity. The potential returns from DeeStream (DST) are much higher than those of Near Protocol (NEAR) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), even with predicted growth for these tokens.

Find out more about the DeeStream presale by visiting the website here

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