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Michael Ganser, Former Cisco Germany CEO and SVP Central Europe, Joins peaq

Michael Ganser, Former Cisco Germany CEO and SVP Central Europe, Joins peaq

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Michael Ganser, the former CEO of Cisco Germany and Cisco’s ex-SVP for Central Europe, has joined the Peaq Foundation Board in an executive role. Ganser brings with him decades’ worth of entrepreneurial experience and industry knowledge to drive peaq’s growth and industry strategy.

The Peaq Foundation, the non-profit organisation (NPO) behind the blockchain for real-world applications, peaq, and peaq’s canary network krest, is proud to welcome Michael Ganser. As the former CEO of Cisco Germany, experienced investor, and mentor for tech-savvy entrepreneurs, Ganser joins the Foundation in an executive role.

Ganser Brings Years-Long Industry Experience and Insights

Ganser’s decades worth of business experience has equipped him to guide the growth of the peaq ecosystem and take charge of peaq’s foray into the enterprise space. Ganser’s skills are sure to help peaq build on its existing collaborations with Bosch and other prominent industry leaders.

Before joining the Foundation, Ganser supported peaq as an advisor. Mr Ganser was one of the early investors in peaq and offered his entrepreneurial experience and knowledge to the project during its crucial years of development and testing. During the lead-up to peaq’s mainnet launch, Ganser is increasing his involvement in the project, intending to bolster peaq’s appeal to traditional businesses and enterprises via his vast network of contacts and in-depth knowledge of the Web2 corporate space.

Till Wendler, co-founder of peaq, commented:

“Michael’s knowledge and reach will be vital for peaq as the project is approaching its launch.”


“As a long-time trusted advisor and friend, he is the perfect addition to the Foundation’s Board, and his leadership and management skills will be crucial to establish peaq as the backbone of the Economy of Things. peaq’s mission is to fundamentally transform the way we manage our devices and connected infrastructure, and Michael is the perfect person to convey this vision to the boardrooms of machine manufacturers, whose involvement will be important for the ecosystem’s long-term growth and adoption.”

About Michael Ganser

In 1996, Ganser joined Cisco, one of the world's largest IT and networking companies, as its general manager and CEO for Switzerland. Following his appointment as general manager and CEO for Switzerland, Ganser held various other leadership positions in Cisco, including VP for Service Provider, VP Central-Eastern Europe, CEO for Cisco Germany, and Senior VP for Sales for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe.

Under Ganser’s esteemed leadership, Cisco won multiple awards and received recognition as the best company to work for in several countries.

Ganser commented:

“peaq’s vision and the impact it will create has the potential to make it one of the most influential projects for this decade and beyond. However, even the most brilliant vision takes an equally brilliant team to bring it to life — and after getting to know peaq for years, I am sure that the team behind it is more than capable of doing that. With that, it is my great pleasure to join the Foundation in an executive capacity and help the project welcome the biggest Web2 industry players into the Web3 future.The combination of Web3, IoT and AI will be a major innovation and growth driver across the world. The benefits of real world asset tokenization and generating new income sources for Enterprises and Consumers will bring Web3 at the forefront of many business innovations. I had the opportunity to get to know the world class team behind peaq for many years and it is my great pleasure to join the Foundation in an executive capacity and support innovative Enterprises in the transition from Web2 into the Web3 future.”

About peaq

As the blockchain for real-world applications, peaq’ layers-1 blockchain allows anyone to build Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePINs) for car-sharing, street-mapping, noise pollution tracking, internet access, etc. Robots, vehicles, and other connected devices become real-world assets (RWAs) - independent economic actors providing goods and services in the Economy of Things on the peaq blockchain.

The blockchain works with industry-leading consortia such as Gaia-x moveID, a €20+ million project spearheaded by Bosch, which co-creates the future of smart mobility, energy, connectivity, and other essential real-world industries. peaq is democratising abundance in the age of AI-driven automation by empowering everyone to own, govern, and earn from the devices and infrastructure they use.

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