Leading Crypto Experts Have Placed These Cryptocurrencies On Their Watchlist

Leading Crypto Experts Have Placed These Cryptocurrencies On Their Watchlist

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As the cryptocurrency market enters another bull run, investors are asking which projects will offer the highest returns. While there are thousands of options, leading experts have placed three on their watchlist.

These are Ripple, TRON, and KangaMoon. Each project has the potential to offer significant returns in 2024, which has made them popular investments among altcoin enthusiasts.  

Ripple Falls Behind Bull Market

Over the last month, Ripple has emerged as one of the worst-performing top 10 ranked cryptocurrencies by market cap. Ripple’s price has decreased by 7.92%, though its value has started to recover over the last week.

Meanwhile, many other altcoins have experienced rallies of over 10%. This has resulted in a decline in Ripple’s daily trading volume, which fell to $1 billion on February 14.

As Ripple continues to lag behind its rivals, investors are starting to look for alternatives to build their portfolios. However, leading experts remain bullish about Ripple.

Many argue that Ripple is being held back by its legal battle with the SEC. If Ripple finally wins its case, experts believe its value could soar to $1 within a year. As a result, Ripple still remains a highly anticipated project.

KangaMoon (KANG) Builds Momentum During Its Presale

KangaMoon (KANG) has caught the attention of leading experts just one stage into its presale. This exciting new project has been praised for its focus on social-fi and is expected to become one of the fastest-growing communities in the DeFi space. Here’s why.

KangaMoon focuses on creating a social-fi ecosystem where players can earn weekly, monthly, and quarterly prizes for engaging with other KangaMoon players. These prizes will include $KANG tokens, which can be used as part of the KangaMoon game.

The KangaMoon game will let players customize and battle characters for additional rewards. These rewards can be traded on the KangaMoon marketplace, or sold for additional $KANG tokens.

KangaMoon’s focus on social-fi immediately sets it apart from other projects. As a result, investors are extremely bullish about its growth. During its presale experts forecast that $KANG will increase in value by 220%. Given that $KANG is currently available for just $0.005, this is a huge opportunity for investors regardless of their budget.

TRON Bull Run Continues In February

TRON has been one of the best performing cryptocurrencies over the last month. Its value increased by 11.47%, taking TRON to an annual high of $0.13. This has triggered a surge in TRON’s network activity, during which TRON passed 7.1 billion network transactions.

This monumental milestone has sent the TRON ecosystem soaring, and TRON’s daily trading volume has passed $293 million. Currently, TRON is trading at $0.129 and has increased by 3.89% over the last week.

Given its current growth rate, experts predict that TRON could challenge the top 10 ranked cryptocurrencies in 2024, which has made the altcoin an extremely popular investment.

Can KangaMoon Push Into The Top 100 Cryptocurrencies?

Although being the newest project on this list, crypto experts are extremely bullish about KangaMoon. If its social-fi ecosystem gains traction, KangaMoon could offer significantly higher returns than TRON, Ripple, and many of the top 50 ranked cryptocurrencies. Therefore, KANG could be a strong investment for individuals looking to make long-term returns.

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