Ethereum Sets March 13 Date for Dencun Upgrade; $GFOX Sees Coingecko Listing

Ethereum Sets March 13 Date for Dencun Upgrade; $GFOX Sees Coingecko Listing

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Fundamental upgrades often have a positive impact on price, and Ethereum ($ETH) has set a March 13th date for the Dencun upgrade – one of its most important upgrades to date. The changes will improve the consensus and execution layer, but all the focus is on EIP-4844 and the introduction of blob transactions for rollups. $ETH is an excellent crypto for beginners, and anyone curious about Ethereum’s lackluster performance recently may find their answer post-Dencun.

Ethereum beta plays, smaller cap cryptos that perform in alignment with $ETH, are flying, and Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) shows no sign of slowing. $GFOX now has a Coingecko listing and has been touted as the top crypto to invest in this quarter. 

Ethereum ($ETH) Dencun Upgrade Live March 13th


Ethereum has been lagging behind other top ten cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin ($BTC) and Solana ($SOL), but the period of $ETH being uncool will close very soon. Dencun will see the creation of separate fee markets on the Ethereum chain, and the most significant cost faced by rollups (data availability) will be slashed massively thanks to the introduction of the blob.

This rollup-specialized transaction is a separate data highway for rollups only. Crypto markets are potentially entering an era where users can transact with Solana-esque fees and performance on rollups while still benefiting from Ethereum’s gold-standard security guarantees. March 13th is a date everybody should have in their calendar.

Ethereum will naturally see price appreciation with this massive fundamental upgrade, and the ETF narrative heating up provides another tailwind for $ETH’s price. But the real gems to watch are Ethereum betas. These small caps mirror $ETH’s performance but with a multiplier. $ETH is still a top crypto for beginners, but anybody searching for more exciting returns should look at projects like Galaxy Fox.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) 2024’s Hottest ICO? 

Galaxy Fox has secured a Coingecko listing, and now the millions of users on crypto’s most popular price tracking website can find all the information they need about the project. $GFOX has enjoyed record-breaking funding, and now, with the massive tailwind from Ethereum’s technical upgrade, it has become 2024’s hottest ICO.

It takes the best from the memecoin genre, explosive upside, deflationary tokenomics, and viral branding and blends it with a P2E runner game. It wraps all these features in an ecosystem designed to reward $GFOX holders. The token burn removes tokens from circulation, and in a bull market, deflationary tokens always shine. Increased demand chasing reduced supply is rocket fuel for price.

The Web3 runner lets anyone compete, and the top 20% of the leaderboard earn prizes each season. Anybody who wants to upgrade their chances of winning can mint a Galaxy Fox NFT, which unlocks special in-game bonuses. But the heavy hitter in this ecosystem is the staking rewards program.

Stargate is the rewards hub and pays stakers. The novel use of taxes to fund Stargate introduces a powerful wealth creation vehicle with stakers earning yield on a deflationary asset. With 70% of the tokens allocated to presale participants and a down-only total supply post-launch, it is easy to see why smart money has been bidding this ICO aggressively. Can $GFOX become the best-performing $ETH beta of the year?

Closing Thoughts: $ETH Betas Ready to Rip

Ethereum is ready for a technical upgrade and is still a leading crypto for beginners. $ETH betas like Galaxy Fox are ready to rip face, and its listing on Coingecko has massively improved the project’s visibility.

Discover why $GFOX has been called 2024’s hottest ICO and strap in for 100X gains, with Dencun going live on March 13th. Participate in the Galaxy Fox presale today!

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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