Early Shiba Inu (SHIB) Backers Are Investing in This Emerging Cryptocurrency

Early Shiba Inu (SHIB) Backers Are Investing in This Emerging Cryptocurrency

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The crypto market has recently been marked by a notable shift of major investors from Shiba Inu (SHIB) to an emerging cryptocurrency that has greater growth potential; Pandoshi (PAMBO). Disappointed by the declining trend that has surrounded SHIB for a while, these SHIB backers are on the lookout for substantial ROI in the coming months.

The shift has spotlighted Pandoshi (PAMBO) as an emerging crypto with immense untapped potential. Since it’s still in its presale stage, investors have a chance to make massive returns with minimal investment.

SHIB Maintains a Downward Trend

Currently, SHIB's price is at $0.00009; a 15% price drop since the onset of January 2024. Over the past month, Shiba Inu has had the highest trading volume at $329 million; the lowest trading volume being $66 million. Despite the seemingly high trading volume, SHIB’s trading volume is still much lower than other altcoins.

Trading volume is a representation of the amount of funds that traders and investors are spending on a particular asset; can be a 24-hour volume or a monthly volume. Essentially, it's a measure of the level of interest of market participants in a particular asset. The decreased SHIB trading volume indicates the decreasing interest from investors.

Pandoshi; The Crypto Investors’ Choice

Now, the attention has shifted to Pandoshi (PAMBO), a project that’s still in the final phase 5 of its presale; trading at a mere $0.01. The SHIB backers’ decision to shift their investment to PAMBO showcases their confidence in Pandoshi’s potential to offer substantial returns. 

Apart from being a strategic financial move, the decision endorses Pandoshi’s capabilities and vision of putting power in the hands of the users. One aspect that makes Pandoshi so appealing is its commitment to decentralization, security, and anonymity.

So far, Pandoshi has had massive success with its presale.  An average of $350,000 worth of PAMBO tokens are being purchased daily. The decision by SHIB backers to shift their investment to Pandoshi will result in an even more remarkable performance. The final phase of the PAMBO presale is set to sell out ahead of schedule.

Pandoshi (PAMBO) Innovative solutions

Pandoshi’s innovative solutions have had the highest impact on investor attraction. The project is inspired by the need to create a crypto asset that observes Satoshi Nakamoti’s vision for monetary freedom, and decentralization.

Pandoshi has an innovative approach to its token design; PAMBO has both virtual and real-world use cases. For instance, the tokens will be used in Pandoshi’s learning platform and metaverse gaming. With the rising interest in metaverse gaming, Pandoshi is set to gain massive adoption. Important tools like a DeFi wallet and a decentralized exchange elevate the appeal of PAMBO to users.

Another notable feature of Pandoshi is its blockchain; PandaChain. Pandachain offers scalability that’s higher than that of both Ethereum and its competitors. Moreover, PandaChain offers the fastest transaction speed at the least cost of gas fees. With the high security, it’s anticipated that Pandoshi will attract numerous dApp developers; in the rush to be part of the revolutionary crypto project.

If you're looking for a crypto asset to buy for substantial returns in 2024, now may be the time to grab PAMBO tokens at a low price.

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