Can $LINK Hit $100 This Cycle? $GFOX Prepares for Retail Launch

Can $LINK Hit $100 This Cycle? $GFOX Prepares for Retail Launch

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New ICO crypto $GFOX is gearing up for retail listing as its presale is almost sold out. After getting listed on CoinMarketCap, the token has gained a lot of attention from investors who are quickly buying up the few remaining presale tokens. Meanwhile, crypto enthusiasts are wondering whether market giant $LINK will hit $100 by the end of the season.

Let’s explore the $GFOX journey, the impact of the upcoming exchange listing, and the possibility of $LINK getting to $100.


$GFOX Will Grow By 100X In the Coming Weeks

Originally, the $GFOX team had a vision for a presale that runs 10 stages, giving investors ample time to buy the new ICO crypto before retail listing. However, investors welcomed the coin with fervor, quickly buying up most of the coins. Now, only a handful are left, and the presale looks like it will sell out before it reaches stage 10.

The enthusiasm that $GFOX has received in the crypto market is not without cause. The coin is a great opportunity for growth, for beginner investors looking for a coin that could quickly change their financial fortunes, market whales looking to diversify their portfolios, and anyone in between.

Investors who joined the presale in stage one were quickly rewarded with over 30% gains by the second stage. Subsequent presale stages have also added up to their profits, allowing them to capitalize on the coin, even before the exchange listing.

For those who are already part of the $GFOX community, a better opportunity for growth is coming up. Since the presale is almost selling out, the coin will soon be trading live on Uniswap, a move that is guaranteed to propel it further upwards. For most cryptocurrencies with the potential that $GFOX offers, exchange listing usually results in a growth of over 100X. Market analysts expect nothing short of this from $GFOX.

In addition to Uniswap, the $GFOX team is in talks with other major cryptocurrency exchanges in a bid to secure a listing for the coin. Listing on some of the biggest centralized exchanges like Binance and CoinBase is good news for investors as it means a larger investor base, higher trading volumes, and faster growth for the coin.

Although it will go a long way, a retail listing is not the only factor that will propel $GFOX into one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy. This new ICO crypto also has a ton of utility-focused features that investors can’t wait to start using. These include a play-to-earn game, a staking platform, merchandise, a token burn feature, NFTs, and a market launch.

After $GFOX launches and lists on exchanges, the team will start rolling out these features, attracting even more investors to the ecosystem, which will in turn result in higher growth for the coin. For example, the play-to-earn game is likely to attract hordes of web-3 gaming enthusiasts who want to make some cash from their gaming endeavors.

The physical merchandise on the other hand is likely to make $GFOX a well-known brand, further increasing its reach and growth potential. Meanwhile, the token burn feature will remove some of the $GFOX tokens in circulation, creating a sense of scarcity. This will increase the inherent value of the token, propelling it from a new ICO crypto into one of the best meme coins to buy.


Will $LINK Hit $100 Level?

In the past week, $LINK has gained 6% to trade at $19.87 (at the time of writing). Monthly charts on CoinMarketCap show a 30-day increase of a whopping 40%, a significant feat especially considering the recent market downturn.

This rise has prompted market analysts and crypto enthusiasts alike to wonder whether the coin has what it takes to rise to $100 within the current season. The recent price spike coupled with increased trading volume and network activity seems to indicate a potential bull run for their cryptocurrency. However, as far as reaching the $100 mark, analyst rent is so sure.

While $LINK is likely to continue to increase in price as crypto whales accumulate vast amounts of the coin, the price is expected to rise to about $30. However, over the years, $link might get to the $100 market (some predictions suggest this will happen in 2028) making it a beneficial investment for long-term investors.


Final Word

As $LINK reaches new heights following increased market activity, new ICO crypto $GFOX gears up for its official launch as well as retail listing. While the coin is set to list on Uniswap as soon as it launches, other major exchanges are also likely to pick it up, causing its value to spike.

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