Budget Buys with Big Potential: 3 Low-Cost Cryptocurrencies Ready to Take Off

Budget Buys with Big Potential: 3 Low-Cost Cryptocurrencies Ready to Take Off

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● Polygon’s (MATIC) community is gearing up for the launch of Friendzone.
● Arbitrum’s (ARB) developers can now choose from a variety of Data Availability solutions.
NuggetRush has sold 173 million NUGX tokens as its presale gets ready to exit round five.

Friendzone will launch on Polygon (MATIC) in late February 2024. Arbitrum (ARB) has announced multiple data availability options for developers on its network.

NuggetRush (NUGX) is also the subject of increased investor attention after its presale recorded an incredible price pump. NUGX is in the last days of its presale after raising $2.1 million. Yet, can NUGX challenge the dominance of top altcoins like MATIC? Let’s discuss.

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NuggetRush: Investors Acknowledge Stunning Potential of Mining Game

NuggetRush (NUGX) is the kind of play-to-earn network most blockchain gamers are looking for. The game blends meme coin ecosystems, life-like mining experiences, and the avenue to amass financial rewards. NuggetRush (NUGX) contains a one-of-a-kind mining experience where gamers can build enterprises with immense value.

The game encourages players to complete mining tasks that will help them set up a viable business operation. NuggetRush gives out characters who assist players with mining tasks. Some of these NFT characters are skilled in mining, while others are specialists in business management.

As a gamer, your duty is to collect NFT characters that will best serve the interests of your mining ambitions. Characters that don’t fit can be sold to other players on the game’s marketplace.

NuggetRush (NUGX) is a believer in community ownership. The project’s lead team has announced that smart contract ownership will be revoked and handed over to members of the game’s community.

NuggetRush’s members will be able to shape its future developments and aspirations. Other perks of the network include high security and low fees. Its NFT marketplace will have zero taxes, resulting in a cheaper gaming experience for players.

NuggetRush could join the most popular NFT projects if FOMO for its NUGX tokens remains high after its exchange-listing. Right now, it is in round five of its presale. Its token value is $0.018, rising by 80% since its blockchain ICO kicked off. NUGX’s next increase is an 11.1%  pump to its token listing value of $0.020.

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Polygon’s Real-World Utility Will Rise Following Launch of Friendzone

A crypto-based Social marketplace, Friendzone, has announced its upcoming launch on Polygon scheduled for February 26. Leveraging Polygon’s (MATIC) technology, Friendzone would allow people to make social connections on its first layer. Its second layer will enable the creation of apps and services that leverage its social data and connections.

The move indicates a growing interest in Polygon’s (MATIC) network infrastructure. Furthermore, it comes amid Polygon’s recent fall. MATIC’s January 1 price stood at $1.0157. As of January 19, MATIC had fallen by 25.0% to $0.7610. MATIC dropped by 3.7%, reaching $0.7323 on January 25 before a 13.8% jump to $0.8335 on February 7.

Many analysts expect Polygon’s (MATIC) fortunes to change soon due to a possible increase in market-wide DeFi activity. Furthermore, they claim that low fees and high speed have attracted the Friendzone app to Polygon. They expect this trend to continue in 2024, pushing Polygon’s network activity to new levels. This could increase MATIC’s price by 6.8% to $0.8905.

Arbitrum Orbit Developers Will Enjoy a Variety of Data Availability Solutions

Development activity on Arbitrum (ARB) could rise soon following the announcement of multiple Data Availability options for its Orbit network. Arbitrum has announced that its developers can choose Data Availability solutions from Celestia, Near Protocol, Eigen, or AnyTrust. The move follows plans to streamline developer activity on Arbitrum (ARB).

Furthermore, it could help improve Arbitrum’s (ARB) market fortunes. ARB sold at $1.7352 on January 1. It jumped by 17.3% to $2.0364 on January 17. ARB fell by 15.0% to $1.7306 by January 25 before a 9.6% recovery to $1.8970 on February 7.

Arbitrum (ARB) hopes to attract developers from rival altcoins like Optimism. It hopes that increased developer activity will also lead to a boost in its Arbitrum-based apps and services. If Arbitrum’s plans go as intended, its network activity could skyrocket, pushing ARB up by 15.9% to $2.2003.

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