Solana (SOL) Rival Token Priced At Only $0.008 is Expected to Reach $20 Due to Its Utilities

Solana (SOL) Rival Token Priced At Only $0.008 is Expected to Reach $20 Due to Its Utilities

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Solana's (SOL) price surged by 2800% in the first quarter of 2021. The early adopters and investors experienced massive profits and made fortunes to the amazement of the crypto community.  Solana leveraged the key sectors of the crypto world; DeFi, next-generation gaming metervase, and NFT space. Similarly, Solana's rival Pandoshi (PAMBO) is set to thrive penetrating these sectors but with a focus on utility. As SOL experiences a decline PAMBO is set off toward the $20 from its current $0.008 presale price.

If you missed out on the thrilling growth of Solana (SOL), you have a chance with its rival PAMBO, ready to catch up and surpass SOL. Pandoshi, a robust DeFi ecosystem with immense growth potential is challenging Solana’s dominance and fast making headlines as the next big thing In the crypto space. 

Utility and True Decentralization with Pandoshi (PAMBO)

Utility is at the core of permanently sustaining the value of a cryptocurrency. Pandoshi’s mission transcends beyond the mere exchange of assets and perceived value. It is focused on bridging the gap between the technical world of cryptocurrency and the dynamic everyday world of finance. It translates to multi-utility which is attracting significant user interest. This is where Pandoshi (PAMBO) truly outshines its rivals:

  • Non-Custodial Multi-Chain Wallet: The recently launched Pandoshi Wallet gives users absolute control, eliminating the dependence on CEXs. You get to control your keys and crypto assets while accessing multiple blockchain networks.

  • Futuristic DeFi Debit Card (Cardoshi): Allows users to easily load crypto tokens on the virtual card and make seamless transactions at the point of sale globally; breaking the barrier on crypto spending on daily expenses.

  • Metaverse Games: Pandoshi gaming metervase will introduce completely new and engaging experiences in ways that users have not experienced before.

  • PandoshiSwap: Will enable users to operate on multiple chains creating a bridge for asset transfer from one chain to another. 70% of the fees will be used to reward liquidity providers, making an attractive liquidity pool.

Why PAMBO Is Set to Outperform Solana and Reach $20

While SOL is currently trading at approximately $89, PAMBO is still in its presale stage at $0.008. All levels of crypto investors are in a position to grab huge numbers of this revolutionary asset; at a fraction of SOL's price. Apart from the price, what makes PAMBO a strategic crypto investment in 2024? Pandoshi is community-centered and community-driven, offering true decentralization by giving power to the users. Unlike SOL which grew from hype and institutional backing, Pandoshi's (PAMBO) appeal is driven by the passion of its active community. This is evidenced by its presale raising $2 million in just weeks of its launch. Pandoshi is not a mere crypto project, it is a revolutionary DeFi movement created by the people for the people.

At $0.008, PAMBO is offering one of the lowest entry points for investors. This means it is accessible to a wide audience and has massive potential to grow and make investors' pockets full.  A small percentage allocation to PAMBO as an investment asset today could translate into a life's fortune.

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