MixMob’s MXM Token Is Listed on Bybit as Solana GameFi Flourishes

MixMob’s MXM Token Is Listed on Bybit as Solana GameFi Flourishes

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It’s shaping up to be a good year for Solana, GameFi, and MixMob. Solana’s success is well documented, with users flocking to the scalable Layer1 to take advantage of the many opportunities to be had on its low-fee network. GameFi, meanwhile, has been boosted by Solana’s mobile-first strategy, as seen by the phenomenal demand for Saga smartphones.

MixMob, a strategy card racer game, is the perfect project for showcasing what Solana is capable of. With the eagerly anticipated launch of its native MXM token looming, interest in MixMob is reaching fever pitch ahead of one of the busiest weeks in Solana’s history. Days before Jupiter’s native token is released, it’s been confirmed that MXM is to be listed on multiple exchanges including Bybit.

MXM to Make Its Primetime Debut

MXM is a governance and rewards token rolled into one. It will play a pivotal role in the evolution of MixMob’s gaming ecosystem moving forwards. The tokenomics for MXM detail that the token will be assigned to rewards pools where it can be earned by players and will also be earnable for referrals. In terms of governance, MXM holders can vote on developments of core game elements such as the MXM League, Turbo Arena, and Crews.

A total of $2.25M MXM tokens has been made available for public sale, amounting to some 6% of the total supply. Another 5% is allocated to an ecosystem fund which includes the rewards pools that will be established, while 4% has been set aside for liquidity. Following the token generation event on February 1, when the public can secure an allocation of MXM, the token will be listed on Bybit.

From Play-to-Earn to Race-to-Earn

MixMob is a GameFi release that’s modeled on the classic Play-to-Earn (P2E) formula that first placed Web3 gaming in the spotlight. While it draws its cues from this model, it’s iterated upon it, particularly when it comes to developing a sustainable in-game economy fueled by token incentives. MixMob’s debut release, Racer 1, has been described as a race-to-earn game whose mechanics lie in that sweet spot where risk, reward, and playability are perfectly aligned.

With the release of the MXM token, Racer 1 will be significantly enhanced thanks to direct incentives for players. The MXM League, which hosts various race tournaments, will also be boosted by the arrival of the token whose name it bears. In-game racing venues, known as Turbo Arenas, operate as liquidity pools where MXM holders can stake tokens in return for a percentage of the venue’s revenue.

There’s a lot of reasons to be bullish on the future of Solana gaming, particularly now the second run of the Saga phone has been confirmed. With MixMob going from strength to strength, propelled by the release of its native token, it’s set to be a prolific 2024 for GameFi on Solana.

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