Lark Davis Projects That Ethereum (ETH) Can Make Investors Millionaires in 2024 – Pullix (PLX) to Emerge As Major Competitor

Lark Davis Projects That Ethereum (ETH) Can Make Investors Millionaires in 2024 – Pullix (PLX) to Emerge As Major Competitor

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According to Lark Davis, the world's second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH), has not showcased significant growth during the year but could be heading towards a major spike in 2024.

Despite this, many who are pessimistic about its future are turning towards Pullix (PLX), the first community-driven exchange with DEX and CEX features will revolutionize TradFi,after raising over $2million in less than four weeks investors are flocking to get a piece of the Pullix pie.

Ethereum (ETH) to Make Investors Millionaires in 2024 According to Lark Davis

Ethereum (ETH) increased in value by 100% during the year, and despite this, it has been lagging behind the competition. On December 26, crypto analyst and YouTuber Lark Davis commented on how the Ethereum altcoin will make a lot of new millionaires in 2024.

However, the analyst noted that those with a lot of ETH, purchased at lower prices and stacked, will do well in the next bull run. Those getting into the market now, with the Ethereum altcoin trading at over $2,000, will not make it big unless they have a lot to invest.

Lark highlighted a number of L2 listings, such as zkSync, Starknet, Linea, Scroll, Blast, Manta, and Celestia.If the crypto makes gains similar to the last cycle's high, this could result in an Ethereum price prediction of $15,000.

Pullix (PLX) to Position Itself as a Market Leader With Presale Dominance

Pullix (PLX) is now attracting a lot of attention from ETH investors as an alternative that will solve issues found in DEXs and CEXs. The Pullix platform will be community-driven, and users will gain the opportunity to trade CFDs and futures and for anyone to trade without undergoing KYC procedures. They can margin trade across all assets and even gain up to 1000:1 in leverage.

It's a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform consisting of a DeFi and NFT launchpad for exciting investment opportunities alongside this. PLX is the native crypto that will be used as collateral for trading and will utilize the revenue-sharing model. This way, anyone can get passive income when they are a part of the ecosystem. To become eligible, users must engage by providing liquidity to the automated market makers (AMMs) on top of the platform.

The Pullix team has also partnered with institutional liquidity providers. Users can margin trade across all asset classes and gain up to 1000:1 leverage. Holders can also add to markets or make suggestions on new assets to add.

During its current Stage 5 presale, PLX trades at $0.07. Stage 5 is continuing to attract massive attention across the marketplace after successfully selling over 40million tokens in less than 30 days. Analysts also project a massive upswing following the token's listing on Tier-1 exchanges, as a result Pullix is set to 30x upon launch.


Ethereum can shine during 2024, but it won't be alone, as Pullix emerges as a major competitor. By introducing an exchange, lending protocol, VaultX, and Swaps, alongside Yield Farming and Copy Trading opportunities, Pullix is positioning itself as a leader in the market and can reach new heights.

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