Ethereum Takes a Flight to Cross $2,400 Price Mark – Meme Moguls Set to Outperform Bonk Coin Upon Launch

Ethereum Takes a Flight to Cross $2,400 Price Mark – Meme Moguls Set to Outperform Bonk Coin Upon Launch

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The crypto market is still quite unpredictable, and there has been a large volatility in the prices of cryptocurrencies including standout performers like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana. However, Ethereum has remained solid throughout the last week and has now reached the $2,400 price zone.

Meanwhile, amid the controversy over Solana's Bonk token's recent price increase, Meme Moguls is claiming to address fundamental flaws inherent in the use of meme coins, ultimately seeking to rank among the top crypto coins.  

Ethereum Crosses $2,400 Price Mark; Can It Make It to $2,500 Soon?

The last time Ethereum (ETH) traded above the $2,500 price zone was in May 2022, but that may change as the ETH price prepares to return to that level. Although it hasn't been a smooth rally since crossing the $2,000 price mark in November 2023 after hovering below the level for more than a year. Regardless, Ethereum has managed to maintain a positive price line, crossing the $2,400 price mark and now seeking to cross the $2,500 price mark after almost two years.

Ethereum price is currently trading around $2,434, reflecting a significant price gain of over 87% in the past year, 14% in the last month, and nearly 12% in the last 7 days. This huge increase strongly suggests that the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is mostly positive and has significant potential for both long and short-term investment, ranking it tightly among the top crypto coins to invest in.

Bonk Builds Momentum Despite Sharp Downturn From All-Time High

Bonk (BONK) faced a lot of criticism after it fell sharply by nearly 100 from its all-time high of $0.00003419. While criticism is unavoidable in the crypto realm, many attributed Bonk's outstanding performance to hype rather than actual utility. This is understandable given that the Solana-based meme coin currently has little to no utility value.

Regardless of the controversial claims, the Bonk coin has been gaining ground and is now just over 50% of the way to its previously established ATH. Bonk's price which is currently hovering around $0.000014 shows a 15% gain in the last month and a 22% increase in the last seven days. If anything, the rising price of Bonk suggests a bright future for the Dogecoin-inspired project.

Meme Moguls Set to Outperform Bonk and Other Meme Coins Upon Launch

Unlike Bonk, and the majority of meme coins in circulation, Meme Moguls aims to introduce actual utility in the space. Essentially, Meme Moguls will function as a meme-backed marketplace where traders can buy and sell meme tokens, as well as engage in different fun and monetized activities within its ecosystem.

Notably, there are two main interactive sections within the Meme moguls ecosystem - a game section where members can engage in activities such as virtual or simulated trade, and a metaverse experience dubbed Moguls World. The latter aims to foster connections among members, while allowing them to mine tokens, participate in liquidity pools, as well as engage in token staking.

At the core of its operation is the $MGLS token which serves two primary purposes -  first, as an in-game currency and secondly as a governance token. This dual functionality not only enhances the utility of the Meme Moguls native asset but also positions it to potentially secure a prominent rank among top crypto coins to consider this year.

Currently, in stage 4 of its ongoing token presale, the MGLS token is priced at $0.0027, marking a nearly 180% increase from its initial launch price of $0.001. Interestingly, this upward trajectory is attributed to the adoption of a dynamic pricing model, where the token's price progressively increases with each stage of the presale until the project's official launch.

This unique approach not only provides an easy point of entry for traders but also positions MGLS tokens among the best new cryptos to invest in.  

For more information about the Meme Moguls (MGLS) presale follow the link below:



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