Common Wealth reveals the industry-leading All Street Oracles behind the revolutionary protocol

Common Wealth reveals the industry-leading All Street Oracles behind the revolutionary protocol

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Lisbon, Portugal, January 25th, 2024, Chainwire

Common Wealth unveiled the All Street Oracles, a group of ten seasoned professionals with decades of experience in blockchain, crypto and technology investments, who will play a pivotal role in identifying and referring early-stage investment opportunities to the Common Wealth platform. This initiative is a significant leap from the conventional model, making these opportunities that were once reserved solely for venture capitalists, accessible to regular crypto users. 

Common Wealth's innovative platform, grounded in Web3 technology, seeks to revolutionise the traditional venture capital model. By widening the circle of investment to include retail investors, it aims to utilise the collective insight and wisdom of a diverse audience, thereby establishing superior standards in investment and education. A hallmark of this approach is the protocol’s commitment to rigorous due diligence, enhancing the trustworthiness, reliability, and security of projects.

The All Street Oracles are not involved in governance or decision-making for Common Wealth. Instead, their role is to voluntarily share potential early-stage investment opportunities with the platform, following their personal investment standards and decisions. These industry heavyweights, hailing from esteemed Venture Capital institutions or renowned angel investors, align with the mission to open up early-stage Web3 investments to retail investors. By referring these opportunities to Common Wealth, they aim to build a passionate and engaged community for these projects from the outset.

All Street Oracles Overview

The 10 members who comprise the All Street Oracles are:

  1. Nenter Chow, Animoca Ventures: Part of Animoca Ventures Investment Team and Head of Portfolio Strategy, Chow brings 17 years of investment banking experience and involvement in early DeFi projects.
  2. Jack Ratkovich, HashKey Capital: An investor at HashKey Capital, a Web3-native VC fund, Ratkovich has co-founded and held significant roles in ANG Ventures and PwC before focusing on crypto investments.
  3. Juliet Su, NewTribe Capital: Managing Partner at NewTribe Capital, Su's career transitioned from corporate investments to digital assets in 2017. She plays a key role in elevating startups in the Middle East, focusing on blockchain technology.
  4. Karan Gandhi, Cypher Capital: Gandhi is a Senior Investment Associate at Cypher Capital, a $100m blockchain-focused VC fund. His previous roles include senior venture architect in the UAE, advising tech startups on fundraising and market strategy.
  5. Kyle Chassé, Master Ventures: After exiting his regenerative medicine company, Chassé turned to blockchain, founding Master Ventures, a $330 million blockchain-focused venture builder and VC. His expertise includes launching over 100 early-stage projects and founding multiple companies in the blockchain space.
  6. Jonathan Woolley, Metavest: CEO of Metavest Capital, Woolley specialises in web3 gaming investments. His focus is on financial inclusivity within the crypto space, with over 50 strategic investments in the past three years.
  7. Josh Meier, Andromeda Capital: Managing Partner at Andromeda Capital and Senior Partner at Latitude Blockchain Services, Josh has advised over 40 crypto start-ups. His area of expertise is post-launch strategy, having been an early-stage investor in over two hundred web3 startups since 2017.
  8. Oliver Blakey, Paper Ventures: Former professional poker player and co-founder of Ascensive Assets, Blakey now co-leads Paper Ventures. His experience in private portfolio management influences the growth of DLT companies invested in by Paper Ventures.
  9. Ben Clarke, A195 Ventures: Clarke's background includes over 20 years in real estate investing and finance before entering the digital world. He co-founded BlockMatrix Capital and later A195 Capital, focusing on blockchain technology investments.
  10. David Waslen, Accretive: CEO & Founder of Accretive, a tech investment & advisory firm, Waslen has raised over $100M in the Web3 sector andis well-versed in corporate finance, venture capital, and private equity.

Common Wealth was created as an alternative to existing venture capital models and Web3 investment platforms. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology and their collective expertise, the All Street Oracles aims to create a more equitable and accessible financial ecosystem where everyone can tap into wealth-generating financial opportunities. 

About Common Wealth

Common Wealth is an early-stage Web3 investment platform for everyone — providing an all-access pass for retail investors to take control of their financial future. It aims to disrupt, scale and optimise the traditional venture capital investment model using Web3 principles and technology.

By opening up access to the 99%, Common Wealth incentivises crowd-sourced wisdom and scales better standards of investment and education with high-level due diligence.


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