ChatGPT Signals Prime Buying Moment: Meme Moguls (MGLS), Optimism (OP), And Ethereum (ETH) On The Radar

ChatGPT Signals Prime Buying Moment: Meme Moguls (MGLS), Optimism (OP), And Ethereum (ETH) On The Radar

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If you are looking for a massive earning opportunity in 2024, Meme Moguls is the best option. Its ongoing presale is in great demand. Therefore, its presale MGLS tokens are selling out rapidly. Meanwhile, other projects like Optimism and Ethereum have also experienced moderate growth. So, let’s see what experts say.

Optimism’s Adoption Grows 20%

Optimism has been moving on a green path for the past many weeks. Subsequently, Optimism’s market value has witnessed a surge of 123% in the past month. Hence, the current trading price of Optimism has jumped to $3.86.

One of the prime reasons behind Optimism’s rise is its increased adoption. As per the latest on-chain data, the total value locked in its smart contracts has reached $5.65 billion. This also makes it the second largest layer-2 rollup, only behind Arbitrum.

Besides, the transaction volume of Optimism has also increased. In the past three months, its transaction volume has grown by 20%. The data indicates that the network can witness a further increase in its value.

Ethereum’s Exchange Supply Hits An All-time Low

The latest market data indicate that Ethereum can experience a price increase in the coming weeks. According to the latest data from Santiment, the supply of Ethereum on exchanges has hit an all-time low.

Currently, the supply of ETH on exchanges is 8.04% of its total circulation. As per experts, a decline in exchange supply is a bullish development. It implies that Ethereum investors want to hold their tokens, and not sell them.

Meanwhile, the market price of Ethereum has increased by 10% in the past month. Therefore, the current value of Ethereum has jumped to $2,370.85.

Meme Moguls Presale Growth Eyes Moon

Most meme coins currently available in the market do not have any tangible utility. Their price increase relies on hype and speculations, making them vulnerable to market fluctuations. Therefore, although the meme coins sector has shown tremendous profitability, more than 55% of crypto investors doubt its future. Solving this issue, Meme Moguls, a new play-to-earn meme coin, has entered the market.

Meme Moguls will roll out a gaming-based ecosystem, where people can learn and earn. It will introduce a simulated investing game, where players can participate in virtual stock trading. Players will win meme rewards, cash prizes, and additional perks.

It has built an environment that will give the feel of real-life trading. Take the Beat the Market game mode as an example. Here, users will be required to beat the market performances of indices and win rewards. Notably, Meme Moguls will give $100,000 in virtual cash to each player to complete challenges. So, what are you waiting for? Just grab this free money.

The platform’s native crypto will be MGLS. Its owners can earn additional income by staking their tokens to the liquidity pool of the platform. Additionally, the project will have a Farming program that will let users earn coins. To prevent any pullouts and maintain stability, Meme Moguls’ liquidity pools will be locked for five years, and team tokens for two years.

The presale phase of the platform is currently undergoing stage 4. Until now, the price of MGLS tokens has already surged from $0.0019 to $0.0027. However, as per market watchers, the value of the project can soar by 100x in the first year.

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