Web3 Social Network Farcaster Migrates to OP Mainnet

Web3 Social Network Farcaster Migrates to OP Mainnet

The decentralized social media protocol is migrating to OP Mainnet according to a post by Farcaster co-founder Dan Romero today August 23.

Romero has also noted that many of Farcaster’s users and developers “are building on the OP Stack across OP Mainnet, Base & Zora.” Once the cursory steps for the migration are done, the next step will be the enabling of permission-less sign-ups which will finally open up Farcaster to the broader world. This is a big step for Farcaster, especially with OP Mainnet picking up steam and the recent increase of interest in social dApps.

At present, Farcaster is still on Ethereum, with a big chunk of its data stored offchain in servers. But the recent growth and developments in Ethereum’s layer 2 ecosystem have given developers a wide range of tools and options. OP Mainnet, as mentioned, is currently picking up steam with its recent ‘Bedrock’ update that became the first step in its goal of creating a “superchain”. The update paved the way for higher transaction throughput but with lower gas fees.

This migration is considered strategic, especially given how Ethereum L2s have been rapidly evolving and are now processing nearly five times as many transactions per second (TPS) as the primary Ethereum network. Projects that operate in the Ethereum ecosystem, like Farcaster, are recognizing the advantages of Layer 2 solutions and are subsequently shifting their focus.

Farcaster's migration move is indicative of a broader trend in the world of Web3, where platforms are seeking to leverage the enhanced transaction throughput and reduced fees of Layer 2 and 3 solutions. For instance, Lens, another decentralized social media protocol developed by Aave, operates on a specialized Layer 3 appchain.

With layer 2 protocols optimizing their transaction throughputs, the potential for decentralized social apps like Farcaster could be endless, especially with OP Mainnet’s collaborative vision as manifested in its goal of a superchain.

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