Solana (SOL) races over $100, Ethereum (ETH) nears $2,500 new token Pushd (PUSHD) set for Gold

Solana (SOL) races over $100, Ethereum (ETH) nears $2,500 new token Pushd (PUSHD) set for Gold

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With values continuously changing and new projects being born, the cryptocurrency market has been inhaling people's investment. This analysis will alert readers to recent news about Solana (SOL) and Ethereum (ETH), two coins making noise in the crypto space, NFTs and other parts of the market. Moreover, we will cast our eyes on Pushd, a new entrant that could change the structure of online marketplaces via blockchain technology.

Pushd (PUSHD): Turning Online Marketplaces Upside Down via Blockchain Innovation

Pushd will be the world's first decentralized online marketplace built on blockchain technology and rewrite the online trading rules by placing security, openness and decentralized management at the forefront. Pushd, in particular, sticks out due to its innovative idea in the online selling market. From the perspective of tokenomics, Pushd will lock up tokens assigned to the team for 700 days and have limited the total supply to 250,000,000. For just $0.01 during  presale stage one, Pushd offers investors an attractive investment opportunity and a unique reward program for participating in different tasks and achieving different milestones, whereby those who invest in its presale will receive a share of the revenue generated from the marketplace. The platform will also enable coin swapping at 0% commission charges. Seasoned investors have caught onto the potential of alternative cryptocurrencies and considered Pushd an exciting choice, vying for the title of the fastest-growing future Blue Chip in the crypto space.

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Solana (SOL): Ascending Beyond $100

SOL, as the native utility token on the Solana (SOL) blockchain network, has recently broken through the $100 barrier, currently trading at $108.27. This represents breathtakingly impressive growth when you tweak some of that metaphorical yarn to see how much value Solana (SOL) as a digital asset gemstone has clocked up over the last year and a half since its creation. Its value ballooned 70% in December alone. Solana (SOL)'s rising value is unrelated to a period of feverish trading activity, which has thrust the Solana (SOL) blockchain into front and center stage on-chain temporarily. 

Ethereum (ETH): Treading toward $2,500 with Caution

The leading player in smart contract platforms, Ethereum (ETH) was under much scrutiny this week as it was very near to reaching the $2,500 price milestone. According to chart analysis, Ethereum (ETH) will achieve this mark by mid-January 2024. But be warned: The gap is widening between Ethereum's (ETH) 50-day and 200-day moving averages. Therefore, investors worry that this gap might be corrected. The decline in volume that has accompanied some of the most recent Ethereum (ETH) rallies gives an extra reason for Caution, hinting at a future pullback. These indicators can significantly impact Ethereum (ETH)'s future course, so investors are encouraged to watch for trends. Looking at a long term investment with the greatest gains we believe Pushd well outweighs Ethereum (ETH).


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