Pullix (PLX) Utilizes Ethereum (ETH) Scaling Solution To Rival Top Exchanges Like (CRO)

Pullix (PLX) Utilizes Ethereum (ETH) Scaling Solution To Rival Top Exchanges Like (CRO)

Table of Contents is one of the most established centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. However, several limitations have been attributed to this exchange because of its centralization. Pullix(PLX) has launched a hybrid new exchange with solutions to these problems.

The exchange also leverages an Ethereum scaling solution to offer greater transaction speeds. Let us explore the strategies that have propelled Pullix into prominence in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

Solving the Problems of Centralized Exchanges

Although centralized exchanges (CEXs) have contributed to the growth of the cryptocurrency industry, they aren't without their limitations. Exchanges like offer limited access to tradable assets, charge high transaction fees, and are relatively slower.

However, the most notable challenge is users' lack of control over their digital assets. While they offer access to some of the best cryptos, users are limited in the options they have. Also, registration often comes with strict KYC procedures. These challenges have been identified and solved by the new challenger of, Pullix.

Pullix (PLX): The Next Big Thing in Crypto Trading

Pullix has introduced a new hybrid trading exchange aimed at bridging the gap between decentralized and centralized exchanges. The exchange is built to offer users the best of both worlds. Pullix has solved the problem of limitations by integrating other markets into its platform.

By doing so, Pullix has granted users access to thousands of top altcoins and assets from the commodities, ETF, and forex markets. To address security challenges, users will be granted the option to store their own private keys and have custody of their own assets.

Another area where Pullix has outshined CEXs is in the privacy users are granted. The exchange has eliminated the need for strict KYC. A user's email address is all that is needed to register with Pullix. This will allow users to trade anonymously on the exchange.

More Advanced Features Introduced By Pullix

In addition to regular features, Pullix will integrate features that are lacking on exchanges like (CRO) and Coinbase. Pullix has outlined plans to implement automated solutions, including AI trading tools. The aim is to help users further enhance their trading strategies and potential profits.

Another feature that has caught the attention of the crypto community is Trade-to-Earn. This new concept is designed to instantly reward users for trading on the platform and completing trading challenges. This is achieved using the PLX token, a utility that the CRO token lacks.

Another exciting feature is the provision of liquidity. Users of the platform can earn fixed interest rates algorithmically determined (between 8-18%) by providing liquidity to the exchange platform. This has made the utility token PLX one of the best cryptos for investors.

Closing Thoughts

The exciting features displayed by Pullix is the reason it has been hyped as the next big crypto exchange. In addition, the wide range of PLX's utility gives it the potential to become one of the top altcoins in the market.

At the moment, the token is traded at $0.042. However, analysts have projected a potential rise of up to 40x for when the exchange is launched in January. This means you still have an opportunity to join the next big thing in crypto.

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