Market Alert!: What Caused the $BTC Flash Crash, and Is More to Come? Investors Take Shelter in Presales

Market Alert!: What Caused the $BTC Flash Crash, and Is More to Come? Investors Take Shelter in Presales

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Welcome to the bull market. Volatility is back on the menu, and the big question is what crypto to buy today. What caused Bitcoin ($BTC) to flash crash, and is more to come? How can investors avoid the downside brought on by these leverage flushes?

One lucrative avenue more and more investors are taking is sheltering in presales. Purchase tokens now and wait until launch in 2024, when market conditions will be roaring. Among the competition, one protocol has risen, and after tremendous success in its early funding, Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) takes center stage as the top crypto to buy in 2023.

Market Alert: Bitcoin (BTC) Flash Crash, Further Downside Incoming?

On December 11th 2023 Bitcoin experienced a long, ugly wick to the downside, liquidating more than $300 million. Over-leveraged traders got wrecked, and short-term holders dumped approximately $4 billion in $BTC into markets over two days.

These short-term $BTC holders set an 18-month selling record, and it was the largest single-day drop this year. Volatility has always been part and parcel of the crypto game. Something any course teaching investing in crypto for beginners should start with.  

It was a leverage flush punishing late longs, and now that more TradFi players are active in markets, these leverage flushes will likely become more popular. Traders all over the world hunt each other’s liquidation zones on leverage. Flash crashes are inevitable.

Could further downside be approaching? Seasoned experts and traders believe the market could nuke in January before entering the up-only paradigm again. They advised participating in presales now to shelter. These tokens, heavily discounted now, will launch later in 2024 in buoyant conditions, and Galaxy Fox has already received forecasts predicting a 100X within six months of launch.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX): A Haven for Investors

Presales are a win-win situation in the current climate, and Galaxy Fox is the best of the bunch. This play-to-earn token features a classic runner game where users can turn their skills into real cash. And the ecosystem built around this game has investors flooding into the presale.

Blasting past $1 million in funding there seems to be no stopping this nascent ICO, and a GameFi-native token launching in 2024 is a recipe for 100X gains. Anybody asking what crypto to buy today has an easy answer in $GFOX.

Galaxy Fox’s rich ecosystem includes an NFT marketplace, real-world merchandise, a taxation system, deflationary tokenomics, and staking rewards. All features of this protocol aim at increasing ecosystem participation, which generates more tax and allows for the user acquisition flywheel to activate. Listed as a top crypto to invest in pre-2024 and focusing on becoming a widely adopted and recognized Web3 currency, this presale is easy money for anybody who understands crypto.

How will Galaxy Fox activate its user acquisition flywheel? The runner game acts as a funnel for new users into the ecosystem. Staking rewards provide passive income to all holders, giving them a reason to stay. The burn campaign further accrues value for $GFOX token holders. And part of the taxation revenue funds the Treasury, which supports community initiatives and marketing efforts.

People come to play, stay to earn, and as they earn, the protocol earns allowing it to spend on acquiring new users and the flywheel activates. A robust and heavily undervalued protocol by all metrics!

Closing Thoughts: Rate Cuts in 2024

Crypto investors need to pay attention to macro. Sheltering in presales now is perfect following Powell’s most recent decision to keep interest rates steady. This confirms the end of the rate hiking cycle, and soon he will have to cut rates and the billions of dollars parked in treasuries will flood into risk assets.

What crypto to buy today to take advantage of this macro condition? Galaxy Fox has surged to the top, and its launch will coincide with rate cuts. The setup is perfect, and now is the ideal moment to scoop up some discounted $GFOX!

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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