Crypto Whales Are Hunting for High Utility Projects with Solana and Everlodge Tagged as Favourites

Crypto Whales Are Hunting for High Utility Projects with Solana and Everlodge Tagged as Favourites

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Crypto whales are turning their attention toward high-utility projects, and it seems Solana has become a favourite hunting ground. Whales are seeking top crypto coin projects with substance that sheds more light on the development of blockchain investments. Another high-utility project, Everlodge, is in the crosshairs for whale moves and might be in play for big headlines come 2024. Its native currency $ELDG, is currently in stage 8 of its presale phase and is selling out fast. Let's find out why.

Everlodge Utility Proposes Blockchain Real Estate that Attracts Whale Attention

Everlodge is a property marketplace aiming to revolutionize the timeshare market through its innovative hybrid property co-ownership model. Users can invest in various properties, including vacation homes, hotels, and luxury villas.

Utilizing blockchain technology, Everlodge is set to transform real estate investment. It stands out as the first property marketplace to combine NFT and timeshare technology with fractional vacation home ownership. During its presale, the project gained global attention for its solution-driven approach to challenges within the real estate market.

Traditionally, entering the real estate market demanded a substantial upfront investment. Everlodge breaks down this barrier by allowing users to invest fractionally in properties. High-end villas or hotels are digitized and minted into NFTs, which are then fractionalized, enabling users to acquire smaller portions of a property.

Holding the ELDG native token provides users with discounts, staking rewards, and more. Currently priced at $0.027 in stage eight of its presale, it has surged by over 170% since the beginning. Experts are confident it could reach $0.038 by the presale's conclusion. It might become a top crypto coin to buy soon, as a projected 10x rally is anticipated after its launch and Tier-1 CEX listing

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Solana's Latest On-Chain Activity Might Be its Golden Ticket Against Ethereum

Solana's on-chain activity has surged due to higher transaction volume, outperforming Polygonand Optimism, which are both Ethereum's scaling solutions.

At this pace, some supporters think Solana price upticks could lead the chain to take a bite off Ethereum's value in its dominant market share.

Solana, trading quietly for weeks, suddenly gained momentum. It outpaced Ethereum layer-2 solutions like Polygon and Optimism, with SOL's prices soaring by 45%.

Solana price has seen a rally of over 14% over the three days, but exchange deposits from the whales could be something to watch out for as regards these gains for analysis of future Solana price prediction.

During the last couple of days, SOL has observed a rally of more than 14%, reaching the $77.52 level for the first time since early May.

Transfers recorded showed a movement of 150,000 SOL, worth just under $10.2 million when the transaction went through on the network. The grand value of the move indicates whale involvement. As for its close competitor ETH, it remains to be seen whether massive whale ripples might trigger traders to buy Ethereum.

The participation of crypto whales has the potential to influence the market positively. Since the actions of whales often result in heightened liquidity and more equitable price levels, this could play a role in encouraging a robust and stable ecosystem for Everlodge and Solana.

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